A galaxy far, far away ….Disney Star Wars 10k Race

A long time ago in a galaxy farfar away, I participated in the Star Wars 10k.

Reason:  I needed the FORCE to keep me motivated with my training until the Boston Marathon.  Plus,  I also love Disney races. Reward bling!  

Running the 10k was a fun time.  My goal for this race was to run the 6.2 miles very slow, take lots of pictures and enjoy my last long run before” BOSTON.”  The temperature and humidity was high but I was well hydrated and well prepared before and during the race.  The 10K started in the Magic Kingdom parking lot, travels down a road towards Epcot, all around Epcot and the World Show Cases and then to  Space Ship Earth, and out a back exit to the finish line.

May the Force be with You

Next week …Boston







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