9 miles

Running last week, it was stinking humid and hot.

Wednesday 9 miles …not an easy run …, thunderstorms in the area, hazy hot humid …. Oh, My!  However, I did beat the down pours.

Thursday 3 miles …   feeling hot hot hot

Last week …Mother Summer Nature won…. My body physically struggled   after my 9-miler due to bad quality air. In all honesty, I should have done my long run on a treadmill.  Yes, daughter your right, don’t run outside when accu -weather health forecast says stay indoors. Yes, I should know better but, summer is too short not to be outside.

Me afterwards …. Cough Cough Cough …… Spouse gives me” The look” ……. Cough more……  Continue looks from my loving spouse….

Besides running, I had a nice weekend.  On Saturday, my husband and I travelled on the Salem ferry into Boston.  It was an enjoyable one hour cruise. We then visited the Museum of Science to see Body Worlds and the Cycle of Life, followed by a delicious lunch at Picco a casual restaurant located in the South End that specializes in cooking delicious pizza and homemade ice cream.

Sunday, I spent most of the day at home just relaxing.    To end the weekend, my family and I went to our favorite Chinese Restaurant for dinner.

Views from the ferry.


The Dopey Challenge

I have officially become insane, nuts with my running. I will be participating in the Dopey 2020 Challenge!
The challenge consists of a 5k + 10k + half marathon + full marathon = 48.6 miles in 4 days (and six medals!)


I chose this challenge for various reasons.

I want to do something really hard.

I am ready for a bigger challenge.

I will be kicking of the year 2020 with a big accomplishment.

Bragging rights

Many friends from the running community has completed the challenge and I always admired their hard work.

I love Disney races.

And finally, I’m not fast ….   I struggle with faster running …. I have asthma and exercise induced asthma and I receive 4 shots a month for allergies ……so my focus is developing more aerobic endurance . Dopey is an endurance challenge.

I am starting week 8 of training.  I am following the Galloway training program.  His programs have worked very well for me in past races.

Pictures of last week running..


IMG_0527 (1)IMG_0525IMG_0524IMG_0522 (1)IMG_0521 (1)


The last two pictures are at Tanglewood … home of the Boston Symphony.  Sunday my relaxation day .


Running August 5-11


Another week of running in the books!  Training for some fall races,…… (Disney Wine and Dine Half in November)….(Disney Marathon in January.) also I will throw in some 5k’s and 10k’s this fall.

Getting excited for the fall…. better running temperatures.

This week  ….Long run 7 miles  and two 3 milers


IMG_0256IMG_0257IMG_0260 (1)

More pictures of Run to Home Base SXRH19PH00546

SXRH19PH00553SXRH19NA01258SXRH19GG04442SXRH19NA01710SXRH19JN00301SXRH19JN03301 (1)