Keep on moving…. Disney Marathon training in progress

Success in running happens by putting in the work and ignoring the voice of doubt even when the voice is loud…. Growth comes from the easy slow miles, the long runs, the fast runs, and the not so good runs.

There are good weeks and bad weeks…just keep moving.  My workout in the past two week ranged from at least I showed up, to I crushed it, in roughly equal portions.

Tuesday August 31st …11-mile-long run …I am training in the double digits now for Disney Marathon January 2022.  It was a good run. My pace was consistent per mile, and I was able to hold my pace for mile 10 and`11. The last miles can be rough especially when fatigue kicks in.

Even though, I had a good long run today, last week my training runs felt very difficult due to the extreme amounts of humidity in the air caused by Hurricane Henri. High humidity does not work well with my asthma. It causes flare-ups.  Running outside was not going to happen, so I visited my gym many times to use their treadmill.     My gym does a pretty good job keeping the air dry, however as the humidity gets over 90 percent, it attends to get moist in the building making running on a treadmill very challenging for myself.

My coach always said just cover the miles even if it means walking.  So, walking I did. Very slow walking for a week. And then the hurricane blew out to sea, and I felt 100 percent better……I was back …

In summary, I enjoy running and I love my cross-training classes at Life Time Gym.  So far, it has been a fun journey.

My favorite class ..Barbell Strength with Instructor Kristy

9 Mile Run

My 9-mile run… Long Run

 I will rate this run Grade B+  or A-

The worst part of the whole run was definitely the summer heat. My 9-mile run was a very slow jog with some walk breaks to avoid getting drained by the summer heat.

Overall, I enjoyed my long run.   I ran on the scenic rail-trails.   For most of the run, I was thinking I love running.  Running is therapeutic. Running relieves my stress. Running feels good.

During my run, I just held a water bottle in my hand and took plenty sips of water throughout the run.  I wasn’t running that fast, so holding a bottle did not bother me.   

I would say this run was a success. Hours later, I did not feel drained by the heat or queasy.  Good long run

In the evening, my spouse and I went on a slow walk to the ocean.   It was nice to loosen up the body.

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Becca Pizzi 5k

Today, I ran the Becca Pizzi 5k.   This was my first time running this race. The race took place in Belmont Massachusetts. Becca is an amazing runner, and the first American Woman to finish the World Marathon Challenge (7 marathons, in 7 days, on 7 continents). She averaged a 3-hour 55 time over the course of the event and beat all the female competitors. The money from this race goes to athletic seniors from her high school heading to colleges.

I arrived at Belmont High School half hour early to pick up my bib number and stretch.  There were over 300 runners from all over Massachusetts there.  The weather was very humid and hot.  It was a difficult run, but I was able to complete all 3 muggy slow miles. There were lots of runners, including myself taking walking breaks throughout the race. To get through the race, I focused on enjoying the neighborhood scenery and cheering other runners on. Then I was done. Another 5k in the bank.

Despite the heat and humidity, it was a fun morning.

My 7-mile training run…..

My 7-mile training run…

Today, I ran 7 miles. As, I mentioned in a previous blog post I am training for the Dopey Challenge.  3.1 miles + 6.2 miles + 13, .1 miles + 26.2 miles = 48.6 miles of pure Dopey-ness. 

 I was a bit nervous about this run because I have not run that far in a while.  Plus, last week, my running stunk due to headaches.    According to my training schedule, I was due to run 7 miles today. So, I had to suck it up.

 Anyways, I’ve done lots of 5k runs since June that went well, but this training run, I needed to improve my endurance and run further.

 I headed out around noon to Marblehead Rail Trails, turned on some music tunes and just ran. I actually enjoyed myself.   And I accomplished, what I wanted to do.  I had a good 7-mile run.  

That evening, after my long run, I went out to dinner with my spouse. Very nice treat.

Pictures from Marblehead .

I am now on my way to a January 2022 Marathon finish line.