Treadmill Long Run 13 miles!  Galloway Method.

My nutrition was a lot better this run.  I had  more energy.   I decided to eat a lot more carbohydrates and a healthier balanced diet.  Whats up with the hate on carbs ? I run better with more carbs. Pre Run dinner was a Dutch Pancake!

Fueling my long runs with football playoff foods  is a  big No  for long runs.  That mistake was made last  week.  My body does not run well on nachos and wings. Lesson learned.

I did two 3 mile runs and one longer 13 mile run.

trying to stay motivated for Boston during the winter cold  months .


Week 2 Boston Marathon Training ….Long Run 14 miles
14   miles done!
 It went really well and I felt strong throughout the miles.


Fun times…
 Watching Football Playoff games … I spent the whole day sitting on a couch.
 …Patriots and Jaguars …  The Patriots winning the AFC Championship Game was very exciting.
Vikings and Eagles…Eagles  a big win.

I enjoyed spending time with my family over winter break.    My youngest daughter was on College Winter break, so my oldest daughter and her boyfriend, my husband and I were able to catch up with her.

We enjoyed dining at many different restaurants and appreciating everyone’s company.  It was a fun week.



Boston Marathon training week 1 , Boca Raton family vacation

Week 1 Boston Marathon Training

IT’S TIME!  Boston Marathon training starts this week.  I will be following the Jeff Galloway Marathon Program.   I feel many running plans are very focused on pace and speed. Jeff’s plan focuses on accomplishing the distance, which is a much more realistic goal for asthmatics and  more enjoyable for me.

This week I am in Boca Raton enjoying a family vacation.


Saturday  13 Miles…treadmill at gym

Sunday  3 Miles

Tuesday  3 Miles  and an aerobic  class

FRIDAY  3 Miles


… relaxing by the pool, lunch outside,  75 degrees

beautiful scenery A1A in Boca Raton



Last weekend, I was supposed to run the Disney World Half Marathon;  however, that race never happened. On Thursday morning, the day I was supposed to fly, Massachusetts was hit by a major blizzard with wind gusts up to 40 mph.  There was a least 18 inches of snow that was dumped at my home.   As the day went on streets were flooding and cars were getting stuck. No one could get by certain areas, especially by the water. For Boston Logan airport, the flights were either continuously delayed or cancelled.

I was bummed.  I trained hard for this race and prayed to the weather gods to change the forecast.  Nope, it did not happen.

Throughout this storm, I was viewing several different runner’s social medias to see their story of this storm along with sharing my story.  Later that evening, I decided to run my own 13.1-mile VIRTUAL race on Saturday at my home.

To my surprise, that night Run Disney announced a new Star Wars Virtual Half Marathon.   The race included a on line   bib and a medal  they will  be send through the mail after completion.  I immediately signed up.   I was officially running the Star Wars Virtual Half Marathon and I would get bling upon completion. I was no longer bummed about missing the Disney race due to weather.   I had my own Virtual race to do.


My Star Wars Virtual Half Marathon



Finish Time: 5:11PM


After my run, I felt great.

Although, I rather have been in Disney World, I enjoyed my VIRTUAL Half Marathon. This mix up taught me that even though you can’t always get what you want, you can still try and get pretty close to what you want.