February 16-24

Boston Marathon Training
Long run ….16 miles. It went well. I kept the speed at a nice slow long run pace.
I also love my new Gym, (Life Time)  especially the Barbell Strength Classes and their swimming pool.  The gym has been great for cross training.

On Saturday, my husband and youngest daughter who is a junior in college joined me for a barbell strength class. It was good time.  My daughter enjoyed watching their 50-year-old mom trying to pump weights.

Today, we attended a bowling social with the New England Liver Foundation Division. It was held at King’s Entertainment in Dedham.   I enjoyed meeting up with runners and patient matches.





Getting trained ….For the Boston Marathon

Happy Valentine’s Day!   Amping up my training for Boston !  It is going well. Trying to get this 50 year old body …stronger ..swimming ,a Body Barbell class and running this week.

I asked to be my spouse to be my valentine and he accepted.  I have been married 25 years.
Typically, we do not celebrate Valentine’s Day…   
  Our holiday evening was spent sitting on the couch  watching  television and having a light easy dinner at home.
 For  us,  the best part about Valentines day is a celebrating  2 days later  on February 16th.  I love chocolates  and I always can buy tons of heart shaped boxes of chocolates and other varieties  of treats for a great discount.  50 to 75 percent off.
Sunday       Lap swim
Monday     Rest
Tuesday     Long run 16 miles….It went well.
Wednesday   Lap  swim
Thursday   Run 9 miles
Friday         rest
Saturday    Run 6 miles   +. Lap  Swim
Sunday   Barbell  Strength Class