Getting trained ….For the Boston Marathon

Happy Valentine’s Day!   Amping up my training for Boston !  It is going well. Trying to get this 50 year old body …stronger ..swimming ,a Body Barbell class and running this week.

I asked to be my spouse to be my valentine and he accepted.  I have been married 25 years.
Typically, we do not celebrate Valentine’s Day…   
  Our holiday evening was spent sitting on the couch  watching  television and having a light easy dinner at home.
 For  us,  the best part about Valentines day is a celebrating  2 days later  on February 16th.  I love chocolates  and I always can buy tons of heart shaped boxes of chocolates and other varieties  of treats for a great discount.  50 to 75 percent off.
Sunday       Lap swim
Monday     Rest
Tuesday     Long run 16 miles….It went well.
Wednesday   Lap  swim
Thursday   Run 9 miles
Friday         rest
Saturday    Run 6 miles   +. Lap  Swim
Sunday   Barbell  Strength Class

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