Boston Marathon Training February 24-March 1

50 more days until the Boston Marathon!   Train well…Take care of myself  ….get to the start line

85193411_10156774055046657_3376097143675682816_oMonday    lap swim
Tuesday   Barbell Strength class
Wednesday rest
Thursday long run 10 miles.  no energy …. long slow horrible miles…Oh well, that’s marathon training.
Friday ….4 mile run and lap swim
Saturday Barbell Strength class..     Sunday rest day …I was a bit congested ..due to New England crazy weather. IMG_1096


Sunday afternoon, for a treat, my husband and I went to the Museum of Science in Boston to see the exhibit DOGS!  A SCIENCE TAIL.  I love dogs, I have 3 Labradors and a Golden retriever.   I had a great time learning about life from a dog’s view.  It was neat to experience the way a dog sees, hears, and smells the world.

Last week pictures of Patient Match Bowling Liver  Foundation Marathon


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