December Running

December already!  The year has flown by. I had a nice weekend.  I spend my time lounging around the house and watching football.  My husband and I had no obligations or events to attend, so we both enjoyed the quiet.

I am training for the Disney Marathon in January and Boston in April.

Wow…. in 4 weeks, I will be heading to Disney World for Marathon Weekend.     I am so excited.

Most of my running has been on a treadmill. I am not a cold weather runner.

Sunday 6 miles

Monday 12 miles… It wasn’t bad but my feet were getting sore.

Tuesday   18 miles …. Last 4 were tough

I also decorated my home for the holidays.

Love this time of year !

Enjoying A Mudslide after a long Run .  So delicious!


Dogs enjoying the holidays also ……


One thought on “December Running

  1. Great blog, Robin! Congratulations on all your achievements and living the “good life”. The blog about your asthma condition was interesting and I can definitely relate to having to walk out of places when people are wearing perfumes, colognes or even strong smelling shampoos- drives me crazy!!
    Take care.


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