Miles for Migraine 5k


  Saturday, I participated in the Miles for Migraines Boston 5k.  The event was held at the Mystic River Reservation in Medford.

All funds raised benefited the Harvard/Brigham & Women’s Faulkner Hospital to support local migraine research.

 It so happens that I have migraines. They are a challenge. I am taking prescription medicines to help prevent the onset of bad headaches.  Medicine helps, but it is not perfect.  Sometimes, a headache will breakthrough even with medications. 

…..When I arrived, there were sponsors providing education booths about the newest drug developments, and the latest research on migraine prevention.  It was very informative.


Race time…The race went well, even though, it was too hot for my liking.  When I needed more energy, I just slowed down and walked a bit. The event had a festive feel to it, because everyone was dressed in purple the color of migraine awareness and were shouting words of encouragement throughout the race.  It was the push I needed.  

After I finished, I picked up my shirt and shiny medal.  I love bling!  It was an excellent, organized event and I will definitely participate next year.

 This week fitness

Monday barbell Strength

Tuesday 3 miles

Wednesday Surrender Yoga

Thursday 5.5 miles

Friday Barbell Strength

Saturday 5k

Enjoying life…

 Last year, when things were tough, I was shocked how much my life style changed.   I am so glad life is returning to normal.  Being stuck inside, not being able to freely go places, made me realize never take anything for granted.

   I am so blessed to be able to go outside and enjoy the world’s beauty with all my senses. I am glad to have my health, a great family + friends and a safe home. I am enjoying the summer and all the fun it brings us.

One of the things, I love doing in the summer is running both outdoors and indoors.

 These past weeks, I have been focusing on gradually building up my running endurance.   I have been running 3 miles three times a week.   I also been strength training twice a week and I   added a meditation style yoga (Surrender) to my training program

 Later in the summer, I am planning to run the Cape Ann Yukanrun 5k. I also plan on running some local 5ks, as soon as they are scheduled.

In the fall, my plan is to participate in the Run to Remember 5 miler, and the Boston’s 10k for Women.   

As winter approaches, my goal is to accomplish running the Disney Marathon again.

The last three pictures were taken at my nieces Abby Bat Mitzvah. It was a beautiful sunny warm day, with lots of good partying. It was a real pleasure celebrating with extended family again.

Running Blog And Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July.  Today I got up and ran a 5k on a treadmill.  It is pouring here, so I went to the gym early this morning.   It was a good start to my day.  Next week, I hope to go outside on the running trails.  The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing around the house with my husband’s college buddy.   

Early this week, I received some good news from Run Disney.   They announced that all in-person Disney races are back.  I am planning on running a few in the near future. I love Disney races.  I love them, a lot. The races are filled with so much fanfare and excitement. Running through all the theme parks is just so magical.

  Registration for the races will be will opening in a few short weeks!   

This week of fitness…

Monday Barbell class

Wednesday Surrender yoga

Friday barbell class + 3-mile run

Saturday Zumba

Sunday 3 miles  

Other news,

 There are three baby birds nesting in a tree within eye shot from our family.

In the past two weeks, I have been given a front-row seat to the exciting cycle of birds. They are Robins. Today, I saw the baby birds (fledging) climbing on the edge of the nest and hopping to nearby branches. They are about to venture out.

The one thing I noticed was both the mother and father are caring for the babies.  They are constantly bringing back worms to the nest. 

However, I am very surprised that the adult birds never squeaked or squawked at me, when I got close to the nest. I was never dived bombed either.

Happy 4th of July

Running Blog June 20-27

Last week I took my first Zumba class   I had a lot of fun, even though I have no rhythm, and danced like a stiff. My youngest daughter and husband joined me. I also took a barbell class last week.

I have 3 races that I have signed up for this fall.

Run to Remember

Run to Home Base

10k for Women

   This past week was a bit hectic. We had a lot of projects happening around the home.

One job was preparing for my daughter’s college graduation party; it worked out well.  Everyone had a great time.

. We also just wrapped up a big landscaping project in our back yard. Our yard was looking like a mud pit from the dogs, so we added astroturf to beautify our yard.

 And finally, we had a new faucet put in the upstairs bathroom.

And for laughs . Running pictures from 6/20



My Father’s Day morning started off with the Smuttynose Will Run for Beer 5k.  This was my first time running this race.  I enjoyed it. It was a flat, scenic and shaded course.  The course travelled through rural woodsy quiet neighborhoods, so it was a very peaceful run.

  It was nice to see so many runners there.   I loved seeing everyone’s smiling faces again. Racing is back!

After the race, we all celebrated at the finish line with beer, food and live music.

The weather was absolutely perfect 70 degrees.  

I am definitely going to run this race next year. The race management team did an excellent job.


In addition to running, I have been participating in some Strength training classes at my local Gym.   My favorites are Barbell and Total Strictly Strength Classes.  Both classes work the major muscle groups.  I believe Strength training has helped me develop more muscular power to improve my running efficiency.


Besides Strength Classes, this week I was introduced to the “World of Yoga”.   

Yes, Yoga is very Foreign to me….

 I have never participated in any sort of yoga class before.  Taking a Yoga class was out of my comfort zone.  At my gym, there is a beginner Yoga class called Yin Surrender. The class is described as holding passive yoga poses for a period of time to strengthen flexibility and mobility while practicing self-acceptance.  I enjoyed the class, but I obviously lack flexibility, balance and coordination.  I am certainly starting at zero, but I and looking forward to perfecting the practice.


 Back to Father’s Day

After the Smutty Nose 5k, I headed back home to shower and relax.

   That evening, I celebrate Father’s Day with my kids, son-in-law, granddaughter and spouse.  

There were no specific plans that evening, just a quiet relaxed barbeque in our back yard.    That is fine with me. We do not need a big day to celebrate my spouse and telling him how great he is 50 million times.   Our family does a good job celebrating “Dad” on a daily basis and my husband knows he is well loved.  He recognizes our affection daily, so on Father’s Day, I prefer to keep it low key. As the day comes to an end, and the sun sets, I think about how lucky my spouse and I are to be able to raise two respectful successful children in all aspects of life.

 I also want to express appreciation and thanks to all the father-figures in our lives. The Dads, Grandpa’s, Uncles and Brother/ brother-in law who all make our lives more special.  Happy Father’s Day.

Howdy, I am getting back to blogging more. I am so glad Covid is basically over. I love not wearing a mask.

Races are now starting to be live!  Yeah!

This past month, I have been participating in many group classes at Life Time Fitness and doing a little bit of running to maintain my fitness level.

I am very pleased to report, my favorite races are coming back.

 On September 25th, I will be participating in a race called Run to Home Base. This will be my second year running it.

On November 14th, I will be running the race Run to Remember. This will be my third year running it.

Both races, honor the service and sacrifice of our arm forces.

Here is what I have been up to with my fitness in the past month.

…Barbell classes

.. A Kettle Bell Kombine class…I hated it. Spouse dragged me to the class.  I like working with dumbbells not a Kettle Bell!

…Strictly Strength Classes

 …And a little bit of running …about five miles a week. 

Besides fitness……………….

We are enjoying family fun times.  Our family has celebrated our granddaughter first birthday, oldest daughter birthday, Mother’s Day, College Graduation, my 52nd birthday, 27th wedding anniversary and so much more fun stuff.

We also will be cleaning up our backyard in the next few days.  As of now, it looks like a mud pit caused by our 4 wonderful ……4-legged big dog creatures.  We also have some areas in our yard where our grass will not grow.

We are getting some Astro turf for our yard to clean it up.  I am looking forward to a nice yard.

Looking forward to starting my blog up again….


 Spring is almost here and I couldn’t be happier. I have been running a lot more lately. I am very excited that LIVE (not virtual races) are making a comeback.  I have scheduled some LIVE races this spring.  I really MISS the comradery of running with my friends. My first live race will be the 

Hop + Grind “Hoppy” Leprechaun 5K 

that will be held Saturday March 20 in Durham NH. I can’t wait! 

I am also going to do the Dopey Running Challenge again in 2022. The runs include: 5K (3.1 miles), 10K (6.3 miles), Half-Marathon (13.1 miles) and a Marathon (26.2 miles).  I am also planning on participating in other Run Disney events.  I really love Disney events because you don’t need to be a speedster to enjoy them.  My strength is long distance running, speed not so much.  

During the past cold winter weeks, I have participated in some home virtual charity 5k events to keep me motivated.

The Donate Life Run/Walk 5k

Run Disney 5k

Mad Moose 5k

Black Goose 5k 

I am also keeping up with my weight training classes.    In our class, we cover every major muscle group. We work the chest, back, biceps, triceps, legs, abdomen and shoulders.  Strength training is not easy for me. My activity has mostly been running not weight lifting, so huffing up weights has been challenging. I often joke with my husband that I am a bit self-conscious in class because I lift the lightest of everyone in the class.  

 The worse is leg workouts especially lunges. Forget weights during lunges …I use my own body weight.

I still struggle with coordination and balance.  Squats …oy vey .. hard . 

Yet, I love the class. 

More updates next week.

Hello …Blog post

Hello. My running blog is back.  It been a good 3 months and I am glad to be back.  I missed my blog.

  Last October, I honestly struggled being on any type of social media, mostly Facebook due to the crazy past political season. My brain could not handle the constant negativity, and toxicity, so I had to limit myself from all of it. 

   The coronavirus has taken a toll on my running motivation; however, I am still exercising. 

During the winter months, I have been exercising at Life Time Fitness.

  I have been strength training with dumbbell classes, swimming and recently I have been attending   step aerobics classes, and strictly strength classes.  I love my gym and feel they do a superb job implementing extensive safety measures and cleaning protocols in accordance with government guidelines. I feel very comfortable there. My gym is very large, which allows us and the gym to easily obey the require social distance laws.

Other than exercise:

 My mental and physical health has been good during the pandemic. 

I had a great Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas and New Year’s. With the limitations place on us, my husband and I still made the holidays feel special.   Our house was always filled with festive decorations; and I enjoyed celebrating the holidays with just our closest family.  

 I have four Labrador retrievers, that provide me an outlet for fun and play.  My dogs love to play fetch, hide and seek and chase.   If my dogs don’t get enough exercise, they start acting crazy from boredom. My dogs force me to move.

Lastly, I have been binge watching tv shows. 

 I am looking forward to fall  running races …

and blogging more about my races..

Run To Home Base

Best virtual run of the season.  Run to Home Base “Honoring our nation best”.   Veterans and All Military Branches …I am thankful for what they do.

Home Base, a Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Program, is dedicated to healing the invisible wounds for Veterans of all eras, Service Members, Military Families and Families of the Fallen through world-class clinical care, wellness, education and research. 


My barbell classes are going great.  Strength training has been very good for me. 

On Wednesday, my daughter convinced me to take a Btone class with her.   The class is a combination of Pilates, Strength training and flexibility all done on some scary weird contraption called a  Btone former.  I was certainly stepping outside my comfort zone.  Prior to class, I was filled with fear.   My flexibility is lacking, my core is not strong, and I am not very coordinated.

 In the end, the class was just right, not too easy, not too hard. The teacher was very good and there was plenty of exercise modifications to keep me safe.  

     I would recommend trying Btone. 

 To sum it up, my daughter loves this class…. Me, …I will stick to Barbell Strength class.

Have a good week. 

Future races ….

Hopefully Live … Disney Star Wars 5k 10k and Half  

 Spring Summer Half Marathons 


Exercising during political season

I am not “book smart” or very educated academically, but what I do see is a unfriendly, rude discourse with people this political season. The political discourse in this country is disgusting.   The constant fighting about politics is hurting relationships. Republicans and Democrats are constantly insulting each other. I am conservative.

The greatest gift in life is love. Let’s all be more empathetic.

Show love care, affection..

No negative comments please…. I like you all and I don’t want to delete you.

 Ed and I 

We have been together for 26 years. Throughout the summer, we have been attending barbell strength classes together at Life Time fitness.  He has been helping me get stronger.  Strength equals improved running.

  Twice a week, Ed dedicates himself to my favorite class to make me happy.    Those days are Monday and Saturday . Love is good.  We argue but are best friends.