Summer running motivation ……no more excuses

I just ran 4 miles and it was hard.   This is the longest distance, I ran since the Boston Marathon.

Time to get my crap together and start running, if I am planning on running a Fall Half Marathon.

Every year between May and August, I struggled to stay motivated to exercise. I always had so many excuses not to move ……spring allergies, summer country concerts, classical music concerts, pool time, barbecues, visiting Disney World with the family and the list goes on and on and on ….

to add to my list …I just celebrated my daughter’s wedding.  It was a great time.

In the past, after a Boston Marathon training cycle, I would spend the summer months not running much.  I would occasionally do Body Pump with my daughter and some 5K’s but what I really needed was to run with regularity.  I always seem to slip into a running slump and lose my running distance fitness level, so by the time fall arrived, I was back to running from scratch.

Now,  I am working on becoming a better runner and consistency is very important.  To run better, I must make running a priority.  Having a coach last marathon season taught me, there are no short cuts to run faster or building endurance.  Consistency is the key.  No Long breaks. Recovery is important but not for months and months

So, a few days ago, I  signed up for a late summer Hilly Half Marathon. I am training for the Maple Leaf Half Marathon located in Vermont.    Training for this race will forced me to be consistent. Running coach will be happy.

.  Hopefully in the future I can run a half in less than 2:45. We will see.







First 5k post Marathon


My first post marathon 5k

New England Pediatric Care (NEPC) “Cool Kids” 5K Road Race

The NEPC Cool Kids 5K is a fundraiser for a short- and long-term care facility   for children and young adults with medically complex conditions, and cognitive and physical disabilities.

On a beautiful 50-degree Sunday morning, I ran my first 5k since the Boston Marathon.  And I felt good.

The course travelled through quiet residential neighborhoods of Billerica and the elevation was fairly flat throughout the race.

My recovery from the marathon went well.


I am blessed to be able to run Marathons.( Spiritual View) Also Happy Passover and Easter

I am blessed to be able to run marathons.   Running distances is a divine gift from God.  I believe God knew I needed running to be a huge part of my personal growth.   My life has changed so much, for the better since I ran my first marathon when I was 29 years old.

Prior to running, I felt very insecure and not well established in life.     I was never “book smart” and was intimidated by people more intelligent than me.  I always struggled with academics.  I was never good at learning and understanding things or getting good grades.  I was never career-driven, all I wanted back then was to get married and become a mom.  Who was I? 

Then ………..I fell in love with the sport of running and met many inspiring and likeminded running friends who are just like me!  They inspired me to be the best person, I could be.

Throughout multiple marathon training seasons, I   learned that I was able to bring my own unique talents to the world and to my relationships.   Running has given me the gift of friendships, confidence, happiness, love for myself and pure joy.

Today, I am very pleased with my life journey.  Running has helped me find my inner strength and grow in all areas of life.

I am also glad to be a runner on the American Liver Foundation Team that supports research for the treatment, and cure of liver disease.

I have a daughter getting married in May.

I am married for almost 25 years.

I have another daughter in college…

AND I am  still  a ……Stay home mom ( love the job)   and an awesome  wife

That is success …

Thank You God, I am Blessed.










I still can’t believe I completed another Boston Marathon!  I am almost 50 years old!!!!!    I had an amazing day. I am thrilled with my performance and I am so glad that I used the Galloway E coaching program!!!  I was very pleased with the program and it was a good decision to use him as a personal E coach. This old lady is getting faster!  My time was approximately 6 hours and 43 minutes.   The warmer weather did not bother me.

Email ..Jeff Galloway

“Great job!  You were “BOSTON STRONG” to the end.  That is success!

Very few people get to run Boston–you did it!

Enjoy the recovery.


The best part of the day is when I took the famous right on to Hereford, and then left on Boylston to the finish line.   It is always a very emotional experience for many reasons.   Running the Boston Marathon always brings out the best personality traits in me.   I am forced to work hard, be determined, have discipline, acquire perseverance and never give up. Plus, the confidence, I gain through running………love, success, happiness, pride…  I just cannot explain.



To kick off the weekend I ran the B.A.A 5k.

The B.A.A 5k is one of my favorite races in Boston.  I love this race because it is the start for all the pre-marathon festivities. This race has become a big event during the Boston Marathon weekend.  It is an out and back course starting at the Boston Commons.  Towards the end of the race, runners   cross the Boston Marathon finish line and onto the finish line at the Commons.  The weather was perfect,

After the race, I went home to get my husband and then we went back into town for a delicious brunch at the Four Seasons Hotel. My parents also joined us for brunch.  As always, the food was delicious.

Then we went to the expo to pick up my number.  Walked around bit and then it was home for the rest of the day to relax.


My husband and I attended The American Liver Foundation celebration brunch in honor of all the hard work the team accomplished this season.  We had a good time.

Then….it was freak out time for me…..less than 24 hours I will be running the Boston Marathon.    Yikes!!!!!



Early in the morning, my spouse drove me to Copley Plaza Hotel, where I met up with the Liver Foundation team.   Our group met in the Copley Plaza conference room, where we exchanged some nervous chattered between us all, wrote our names on our singlets, used the bathrooms and then we all boarded a bus chartered by the Liver Foundation to the start.

We arrived in Hopkinton around 7:30 am. Our bus was directed by marathon security to a special parking lot, where all the charity buses stayed on site until race time. I enjoyed having the buses there, because we were able to get on and off the bus prior to the marathon.

Race Time… For most of the race, I followed my walk/run /walk race plan.  Nothing new.  I felt pretty good.  I enjoyed the atmosphere and had fun.

Then I reached the Newton hills including Heartbreak hill (Mile 18- 21). I have always struggled with hills in all my races. I walked the uphill portion and ran the downhill portion. This helped conserve my energy.  Soon I reached Boston College, located at the   crest of the hills.  On to Boston….

The last 5 miles always seem to take forever.  I am so close to the city.      Over the horizon, I see the Prudential Building, John Hancock Tower, Citgo sign, and the Green Line.  I run through Cleveland Circle, Coolidge Corner, Washington Corner, Kenmore Square, and then ……

I reached Hereford Street.  Took the right and ran down Boylston Street to the finish line.

I crossed the finish line ……. Collected my medal …and went home for a long shower and then I went to bed.


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Tomorrow is the Boston Marathon!

Tomorrow I will be at the start of the Boston Marathon.  I am ready!

Lesson learned…… NEVER NEVER NEVER…. listen to the weather forecast……one week before the marathon!!!!!!!  Big Mistake!  The “weather meteorologist people” had me going crazy and panicking for several days ……worrying about running in a very cold, rainy, stormy Northeaster and developing hypothermia.  Tomorrow will be rather mild in the 60’s; my ideal running weather.


I am running Boston as a challenge to myself..

I am running on behalf of the American Liver Foundation.

I will believe in a higher power.

I will lean on my faith, trust in God, trust in my training, and I will do my best.

I feel more prepared than past races and I enjoyed using the personalized Galloway training plan.

During my training season…… Galloway’s plan called for a 20 miler, 23 miler and a 26 miler and I completed all of them.

So tomorrow…I will give it my all.




Love these sneakers..

Boston Marathon 2019  Dunkin Donuts limited  edition .  I will wear them after the marathon .


Getting my last prayers in before BOSTON…

Please weather gods, I want  favorable conditions. the whole race.  🙂   In all seriousness …I  am blessed to be able run on Marathon Monday!








A galaxy far, far away ….Disney Star Wars 10k Race

A long time ago in a galaxy farfar away, I participated in the Star Wars 10k.

Reason:  I needed the FORCE to keep me motivated with my training until the Boston Marathon.  Plus,  I also love Disney races. Reward bling!  

Running the 10k was a fun time.  My goal for this race was to run the 6.2 miles very slow, take lots of pictures and enjoy my last long run before” BOSTON.”  The temperature and humidity was high but I was well hydrated and well prepared before and during the race.  The 10K started in the Magic Kingdom parking lot, travels down a road towards Epcot, all around Epcot and the World Show Cases and then to  Space Ship Earth, and out a back exit to the finish line.

May the Force be with You

Next week …Boston







Three more weeks until the Boston Marathon…. Today’s Training Run was a “practice” marathon, and  I am becoming a warm weather running.

Today I ran my final long run before Boston.    26 miles!!!!!!  I am following the Galloway training program. My final long run was a slow pace 26 miles “practice” marathon.  The purpose of Galloway’s practice marathon is to avoid early bonking during the race. Also, I am able to train to 26 miles because  of  the Galloway’s program ….   running and walking tends to be a bit less harsh on my body.   He also provides plenty of easy weeks between my long efforts, so I’m not killing myself.

I am officially in taper mode.IMG_0018

Three weeks Boston…..

. My training schedule for the next few weeks

March 30 …12 miles

April 6……Star Wars Disney 10k at Disney World

April 15 26.2 Boston


 I am becoming a warm weather running. This training season many of my long runs have been done in Florida.  (60 degrees and above) Yes, it is true, I have planned my Florida winter trips to coincide with my long runs.  

I never liked running outside in New England Winter. My lungs freeze and I spent the rest of the day hacking.  I also hate wearing 100 layers of clothing and freezing my tush off!   I also hate ice and snow and cold extremities.  Yuck!

Runners are shocked when I say this….

Yes, the secret is out …I want a sixty degree Boston Marathon.


Long run 24 miles and 6 weeks until the Boston Marathon

Last week I did a 24-mile-long run….

Why did I run that far?

This season, I am following an individual E-Coaching Galloway Marathon Program. (The Run Walk Run Method)

The Individual “ECoaching” Program was designed around my running needs and abilities. Throughout the program, I have been working very hard to build my stamina in order to obtain a better stronger faster marathon.    As I extend my miles, I am hoping to increase my endurance and avoid the wall. (sudden drop in energy) To avoid injuries, all my long runs are much slower than the goal marathon pace to reduce wear and tear on your body.

Also, the early walk breaks erase my fatigue, and the later walk breaks help reduce or eliminate overuse muscle breakdown.

My entire marathon training schedule consists of my longest run reaching at least 26 miles.

cross training ….swimming


…..trying to stay healthy

123rd Boston Marathon










The Disney Princess Half Marathon

Oh, I just love Disney Races! The Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend has always been one of my favorite races. Each Disney Race I run, it always feels like a joyous running celebration.  Disney Characters, marching bands and D.J.’s along the course is always a positive moment for me.   These events always put a smile on my face.

This weekend, I headed to Orlando, to run the Disney Princess Half-Marathon. My plan was to spend one night at Old Key West and then head home soon after the race. I arrived mid-morning Saturday and headed to the Running Sport Expo to pick up my number.   After the Expo, I checked into the Old Key West Resort, enjoyed an early pasta dinner and was in bed by 9 pm for a 2:45 am wake-up call.

The next morning, at 3:30am. I was on the Disney resort bus to the staging area.  When I arrived, I headed over to the Race VIP Indoor Retreat (a prior purchase package) to sit down and have some fruit, coffee, pastries and to stay warm until race time.

The race started at 5:30 am on a side road near the Epcot parking lot.  About half hour later my corral was sent on our way.

We all headed on World Drive towards the Magic Kingdom.

We passed the monorail and the Magic Kingdom sign, and then we were at the Magic Kingdom.

My favorite part of the course!

We ran through the entrance and down Main Street, USA.

We took a right turn into Tomorrow Land, passed the Laugh Floor, Buzz Lightyear, and into Fantasy Land.  We ran by the Carousel and the Dumbo ride.

Next stop, running through Cinderella ‘s Castle. I love seeing the castle all lit up!

The course then made its way through Liberty Square, Frontier Land   and then on the way back to the Epcot for the finish.

Once I arrived in Epcot, I ran past Space Ship Earth and then out an employee gate to the finish line.

A volunteer placed a medal around my neck and then I grabbed some water, Gatorade and snacks and headed back to Old Key West to shower and head home.



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