Long run 24 miles and 6 weeks until the Boston Marathon

Last week I did a 24-mile-long run….

Why did I run that far?

This season, I am following an individual E-Coaching Galloway Marathon Program. (The Run Walk Run Method)

The Individual “ECoaching” Program was designed around my running needs and abilities. Throughout the program, I have been working very hard to build my stamina in order to obtain a better stronger faster marathon.    As I extend my miles, I am hoping to increase my endurance and avoid the wall. (sudden drop in energy) To avoid injuries, all my long runs are much slower than the goal marathon pace to reduce wear and tear on your body.

Also, the early walk breaks erase my fatigue, and the later walk breaks help reduce or eliminate overuse muscle breakdown.

My entire marathon training schedule consists of my longest run reaching at least 26 miles.

cross training ….swimming


…..trying to stay healthy

123rd Boston Marathon










The Disney Princess Half Marathon

Oh, I just love Disney Races! The Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend has always been one of my favorite races. Each Disney Race I run, it always feels like a joyous running celebration.  Disney Characters, marching bands and D.J.’s along the course is always a positive moment for me.   These events always put a smile on my face.

This weekend, I headed to Orlando, to run the Disney Princess Half-Marathon. My plan was to spend one night at Old Key West and then head home soon after the race. I arrived mid-morning Saturday and headed to the Running Sport Expo to pick up my number.   After the Expo, I checked into the Old Key West Resort, enjoyed an early pasta dinner and was in bed by 9 pm for a 2:45 am wake-up call.

The next morning, at 3:30am. I was on the Disney resort bus to the staging area.  When I arrived, I headed over to the Race VIP Indoor Retreat (a prior purchase package) to sit down and have some fruit, coffee, pastries and to stay warm until race time.

The race started at 5:30 am on a side road near the Epcot parking lot.  About half hour later my corral was sent on our way.

We all headed on World Drive towards the Magic Kingdom.

We passed the monorail and the Magic Kingdom sign, and then we were at the Magic Kingdom.

My favorite part of the course!

We ran through the entrance and down Main Street, USA.

We took a right turn into Tomorrow Land, passed the Laugh Floor, Buzz Lightyear, and into Fantasy Land.  We ran by the Carousel and the Dumbo ride.

Next stop, running through Cinderella ‘s Castle. I love seeing the castle all lit up!

The course then made its way through Liberty Square, Frontier Land   and then on the way back to the Epcot for the finish.

Once I arrived in Epcot, I ran past Space Ship Earth and then out an employee gate to the finish line.

A volunteer placed a medal around my neck and then I grabbed some water, Gatorade and snacks and headed back to Old Key West to shower and head home.



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Fort Lauderdale A1A  Half Marathon recap and 8 weeks until The Boston Marathon Race Day!


Sunday, I ran the Fort Lauderdale A1A Half Marathon.   It was a beautiful gorgeous   morning.  I had a fantastic time running along the ocean and I love seeing the results of the Jeff Galloway coaching program.  My long run endurance is increasing and my performance fitness has improved.  I am so happy about this. 🙂 Yeah!

The Expo

My spouse Ed and I went to the expo on Saturday morning. It was at the Broward County Convention Center. We picked up my packet and then walked around checking out all the vender booths.   The rest of the day was spent relaxing at home followed by an early dinner.

IMG_2750 (1)IMG_2746IMG_2753IMG_2759

Race Day


The race started at 6:00am.

The start line was close to the Museum of Science and Discovery in Fort Lauderdale.

The temperature during the race was high 60’s – low 70’s. Too warm for most runners, however, I actually like the warmer weather, easier on my respiratory system.

The course travelled down Las Olas Blvd towards the ocean coastline, along the ocean, through a nature park (Birch Park) and then   back to the coastline towards the finish line.
The course was mostly flat.

There were many gorgeous views of the sunrise…… from the intra-coastal bridge approaching the ocean…. and along the ocean front.

Running through Birch Park was very clean and scenic.  The view of the waterway throughout the park was stunning.

I had a fun time.

Next week …Princess Half Disney


21 mile run  and 9 weeks till Boston Marathon

9 weeks until the Boston Marathon.  This came in the mail….

IMG_2710 (1)

Last weekend I ran 21 miles as part of my Galloway Boston Marathon training Program.  By running longer, I am increasing my endurance and performance for race day.  In order to prevent the physical soreness of 21 miles, I walked and ran very slowly.   Turtle pace.  My assignment for this run was just cover the distance.  No huff and puffing.  Pure exhaustion was not allowed.

Prior to the run, I had a carbo-load dinner and then it was run time the next morning. I had plenty of snacks and drinks and just tried to enjoy myself. I sang along to Country music, and Broadway tunes just to make sure I wasn’t pushing too hard. I also broke the mileage into 4 segments of 5 miles.  After each segment, I would stretch, grab a snack and just chill a minute or two.


And then I was done.

and I was not found lying on the ground pass out.


I also been swimming to build up my strength.

IMG_2713IMG_2726 (2)

10 miles long run


I’m about 10 weeks away from the Boston marathon.   My training is going very well. Last week I ran  10 mile repeats.   Mile repeats are…. you run hard for one mile, recover for a bit, and repeat.  By doing mile repeats, I am hoping to increase my marathon speed.

Later in the evening, Super bowl .  Patriots 51592135_473299106824999_2733445928819097600_n


My very first introduction to the Triathlon Sport …Swim, Bike, Run( Life Time Fitness Indoor Tri)


Today, I completed my first indoor triathlon!   This event was the perfect introduction to the triathlon sport.  Participants swam in a pool, biked on a stationary bike, and then ran on a treadmill to complete the triathlon. The race was held at Life Time Fitness in Massachusetts.

  • The total event last for 75 minutes.
  • Swim: 10 minutes in the pool
  • Transition 1: 10-minutes (move from the pool to cycle studio)
  • Bike: 30 minutes on an indoor bike
  • Transition 2: 5-minutes (move from the cycle studio to treadmills)
  • Run: 20 minutes on a treadmill

Swimming….I love to swim but I am slow at it.  The crawl has always been my worst swim stroke, so I decided to focus on the backstroke,  side stroke, and I did a bit of the breaststroke.  Nice and easy and relaxed.

Biking …I  am not a biker…..  I just pedaled gently .

Running…. easy relaxing jog

I had a fantastic time and I really enjoyed the experience.  The atmosphere was laid back and very supportive.  Excellent cross training .

I would definitely do this event next year.   For beginners, this was an awesome way to experience a triathlon.  Plus, it was fun to do something new besides running . I am proud of myself.

My weakest area ………I need to   work on strengthening  my lung capacity

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img_2685img_2688 (2)img_2696img_2694

18 mile long run

I’m about 12 weeks away from the Boston marathon.  I am using the Jeff Galloway training schedule. My long run this past week was 18 miles.

.My long run went well.  My legs were tired but I had plenty of snacks so the energy level stayed good.

These are my favorite pictures from Run Disney Half.


Disney Half Marathon 2019

Another Disney Half Marathon race  done.    Yes, I love Disney races.

Friday afternoon, my husband and I drove to Orlando from Boca Raton.  The race was Saturday morning. It was about a three-hour trip. We stayed at  the Disney Old Key West resort. Our plan was to stay one night at the resort,   and then head back to Boca Raton immediately  after the race.

When we arrived in Orlando,  we headed to the Sport Expo to pick up my race number. After the expo, we had a delicious Italian dinner at Il Mulino. Following dinner,  it was an early  bed time,  because  the race started at 5:30am.

The next morning , my alarm went off at 2:15am.    It was time to get dress and head out the door to catch the 3:00 am bus that takes runners from the hotel to the starting line.

The weather was ideal.  Fifty five degrees at start time.

The course started on a side street near Epcot.    The first few miles was basically  flat.  Runners saw many Disney Characters , bands and spectators,  as we headed towards  the Magic Kingdom.     We ran throughout the  Magic  Kingdom and then  back to Epcot for the finish.

The highlight for me was  running down Main Street towards Cinderella’s Castle and seeing the castle all lit up.

After crossing the finish line, I got my medal and then headed back to the hotel for a quick shower.  At 11am, my husband and I checked out of the hotel and were back on the road to Boca Raton to meet up with the rest of the family for an early dinner.





Happy New Year ,16 mile long run, Galloway Coaching going very well.

IMG_1480 (1)

Happy New Year ! 2019 . My family .

Long Run 16 miles …… It was an awesome run.  Building up my endurance .

Nutrition  good

Energy Level  good

Lungs and legs good

I’m thrilled .  Also Galloway coaching going very well. 🙂


Jeff Galloway E Coaching has helped me a lot!!!!!!! Asthma challenges

Best Running Decision I made- Signing up for the Jeff Galloway E Coaching Program. This program is basically a   weekly pen pal exchange with this well-known Olympian, author of many running books and a running coach who customizes workouts according to individual goals.

My goal is to run a better Boston Marathon.

Starting in August, Jeff made a plan for me, on how much to run, when, and the type of work out to do, such as hills, speed training, cadence practice and long runs.

It is great having a coach help me design a plan that works for me. Each week, there is a conference with my coach discussing how my workout went.


This coach has helped me gain more confidence running with allergic asthma.

Before this point, I would just get frustrated. I felt my asthma was holding me back.  I would work my ass off and get limited results. Within this year, I have learned that I can overcome this obstacle, by changing my thinking. I am running for myself and that is what counts.  So, If I can only run a 15-minute mile   pace……so what!