Working out In Las Vegas, and other fun stuff

Working out In Las Vegas

The gym is awesome at our hotel. There is plenty of exercise equipment.  I would exercise in the morning, then the whole family would have a delicious breakfast, and head to the pool to relax.

Tuesday afternoon, I treated myself to a 50-minute foot and leg massage treatment. My feet needed it.


My husband and I don’t gamble that much. Maybe a couple hundred bucks at most.  My favorite game is the roulette wheel. I like the simplicity of the game; just place your chip(s) on  number(s), red or black ,  odd or even and hope you win. Not much thinking involved.


Wednesday Night, we saw Piff the Magic Dragon.

It is a  unique comedy magic show staring Piff The Magic Dragon and his loyal pup, Mr. Piffles.

It was a completely funny show! We laughed so much during his show, and his magic was terrific.

IMG_2048IMG_2052IMG_2051IMG_2049 (1)IMG_0831IMG_0841IMG_0838

Las Vegas!

IMG_0775I am in Las Vegas with the family enjoying a vacation.  My husband Ed, daughters Izzy and Carrie and Carrie’s fiancé John are all having an amazing time.

We are staying at the Four Seasons, the only quiet hotel without a casino on the strip.  The hotel is beautifully landscaped.   Great service and the staff is very friendly.   Our days are spent relaxing by the pool, followed by a delicious dinner.


After a mental and physical break from running, I feel totally refreshed.  I am now training for the Disney Wine and Dine Two Course Challenge. This event combines the Disney 10k (6.2) on Saturday with the Half Marathon (13.1) on Sunday, a total of 19.3.  miles.

Last week July 22-29

Sunday 2 miles

Tuesday 15 minutes running

Wednesday 20 minutes running

Friday 25 minutes running

IMG_2001My girls Izzy , Me and Carrie

Body Pumping …Summer Fun

IMG_1837 (2)

It been a while. I am enjoying my summer.  I have been taking a break from running …… to prevent burnout and to be mentally ready for fall running season.

During the off-marathon season, I have been Body Pumping.   Strength training has been  excellent , because it has been giving me overall muscle power and tone.  (No Middle Age Saggy Triceps here).  My 19 year older always kicks my butt with her physical strength.

Other than  running,  I have been enjoying many Country Concerts.   I love sitting outside  on a beautiful summer night listening to my favorite  songs.  I am a big fan of Country Music.

On Sundays, my husband and I   attend Classical  Concerts at Tanglewood, the summer home of the Boston Symphony.   Tanglewood is  located in the  Berkshires.   We  always  arrive early to picnic on the lawn, then moving inside, with aisle  seats for the concert itself.  The concerts are broadcast on speakers and jumbotrons.  Always a fun time.



Happy Father’s Day …..My two 5k’s….. Celebrating my birthday and anniversary

I am finally getting back into the running /workout groove.  I am also continuing with Body Pump twice a week to build more physical strength.  To help with my motivation to run, I participated in two 5k’s for charity this weekend.

Saturday, I participated in the 5th Annual Running Well 5k in Lynnfield, MA.   The race is sponsored by the Calvary Christian Church in Lynnfield. The money collected during the event will be used to fund wells to the poorest countries in Africa. These wells provide drinkable water for schools and thousands of adults and children in surrounding villages throughout the continent.  The weather was in the 70’s at the start of the race.  The course was hilly, but I did not mind.   Hill training is good for me.  It was a nice small town race.

Sunday, Father’s Day I participated in the 19th Annual Take the Lake 5k. The course travels around Wakefield’s scenic lake Quannapowitt. The proceeds benefit Mass General Hospital Breast Cancer Research Fund. Perfect morning to run around the lake.

After the race, I spend the day with my husband’s family enjoying a  Father’s Day BBQ  pool party.


Last week, June 12, I celebrated my 49th birthday and 24th anniversary, Yes, I got married on my birthday.  To celebrate, my husband and I had a nice delicious Italian dinner at Davio’s.  After dinner, we went to North Music Theater to see the musical Mame. The singing and dancing were fabulous.  The lead role (Mame) was played by Paige Davis, star of “Trading Spaces”. She did a super job in her role as Mame.

I hope you all had a good week and a nice Father’s Day.


Run Disney – Virtual Running Shorts 5k …It’s that time of year. Yes, It’s allergy season.

IMG_1873 IMG_1888

With the encouragement from other runners, I had decided to sign up for a race series known as, Run Disney- Virtual Running shorts 5k, to help keep me motivated.   This is a series of 3 difference races occurring throughout the months of summer. Each race is a 5k.

As part of a virtual race, I can run on my own time, in the location of my choice, and still receive a Disney medal once I complete the task . The  Disney Incredibles is the theme for the whole race.

I have been struggling with my running lately due to all the pollen in the air.   I have been coughing constantly and running just sounds miserable.  As of now, I am running solely on a treadmill to avoid nature.

I also want to build up a stronger running base and the Disney Series would help me do so.

In November, I will be running the Wine and Dine half marathon weekend two course challenge.

10k Saturday

13.1 Sunday……….

During the month of May, my asthma has been horrible due to a common cold and the start of spring.   The pollen this year, has exasperated my asthma and allergies. I am a very active person and it was so … so …so …so frustrating not to be able to run.  When I tried to run, I felt like I was a 105-year-old lady.  On Mother’s Day, I was at the doctor’s getting a nebulizer treatment.     All I want is to be able to run faster and stronger.



My daughter  Izzy also has been home from college and has been encouraging me to strength train with a home Body Pump Video. Having, my daughter encouraging me to join her will be very beneficial to my overall fitness health.

Body Pump (Air Conditioner Room)

IMG_1837 (1)


Besides running, I have been enjoying our  pool and my dogs.

I also went to a country concert with my spouse last week.  We are country music fans !


First 5k of the Season


Today, I ran my first 5k of the season.  It was the New England Pediatric Care 5k .  It was a good run. Now that marathon season is over,  I want to focus on improving my 5k time.     When September arrives, I want to see the 5k finish line….under 36 minutes. By late fall,  I want to see improvements with longer distances.

So, this summer, I am going to work on teaching my body to run faster and not feel like I am going to croak as I increase my speed.  This has been my biggest running hurdle.  I am afraid to run fast.   In addition, I want to increase the length of time I can run without a walk break.    Hopefully by the fall, I can have a stronger running base, tougher lungs and be a quicker runner.

Practice and have patience.


I had a nice run. The weather was low 50’s and overcast.  During the run, I took a few  quick walk breaks  to allow my  body to be comfortable.   In the future….less walk breaks.

Proceeds …..serves children with complicated special needs



Last week I was in Florida for a vacation.

After the Boston Marathon, my husband and I visited our winter home in South Boca Raton Florida to unwind.   Being in a warmer climate was ideal,  because  I really  needed the warmth to recover from the  Boston Cold  Rainy  freezing  13 mile run.   After the  run,  I had a dry  annoying cough that lasted a few days.

Our whole vacation was literally spent just sitting.  Every day, we either sat by a pool, television set, plus a dining table to eat.









Love This Picture

797919_273225666_XLarge (1)I love this picture because it reminds me how far I come as a women . Running a marathon is a very emotional experience.  This year, I was not able to finish because of Mother Nature. Yet,  I am still very pleased with my effort.
Growing up I struggled with my confidence .  I was a special needs student and rode the “Short Bus” in my formative years. I was never a good student and repeated grade 2. I had trouble meeting friends and I was socially awkward and never belong to any peer group. I was not smart or popular.
My early challenges have given me the courage, spirit and enthusiasm to never give up. I have come along ways…I am truly a blessed runner, women, mother and wife. I am very pleased to be part of a wonderful loving caring supportive American Liver Foundation Running team.  I have met so many wonderful friends on this team . Love you all.
 To my spouse… Thank you for being so supportive.  Sorry ,that I kept you up half the night with my dry asthma cough.  If I run in the cold again,   I  promise to wear an eskimo running suit.  Even though , my asthma flared up after the race… was worth attempting to conquer Boston.  No rain, wind,   sleet was going to stop me from trying.

Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.

Today I completed 13 miles   ,,,,The full marathon would have been too much for me to handle.  ………..

It was very  rainy, cold, windy day. .My  worst running asthma nightmare.     Breathing in cold air : …..(  yuck  ….always makes me feel winded.


On the positive side, I am still a Bad-ass!

  1.  I was running to bring awareness to Liver Disease.  Great Cause!  

      2. Just getting out there and trying is worth a major  congratulations ….pat on the back. 

3  I was running to strengthen my lungs and overall health

4  I    am going to participate in  more races above 60 degrees…. SUMMER RUNNING!

5   I am still going to wear my celebration Marathon jacket …

6 I have  the courage, spirit and enthusiasm to never give up!     I have come a long way…… I am truly a blessed  runner and women!

6 Tomorrow I am going to Florida for a week

IMG_1614 (1)

Boston Marathon Time!

One more day until the Boston Marathon

I am ready to run the Boston Marathon.

I am hydrated and hopefully I have plenty of glycogen in my muscles for the big day.

I visited the allergist, received my shots and hopefully my asthma and allergies will remain in control on Monday.


It is going to rain…… I have my rain poncho, waterproof jacket, waterproof pants, gloves layers


My goals for race day

Finish strong

Finish around 6:45

Have fun

Week 13 Boston Marathon Training

The Boston Marathon is one week away.  I am running with the American Liver Foundation  Marathon Team . I am so excited.

My training went well. Most marathon training plans has a 3-week taper plan. As an asthmatic I need to have a more complete taper so my lungs can recover.  In the past two weeks I ran a few miles, rode a stationary fan bike a few times but mostly I just rested.  I do not want to risk any potential flare-ups come Marathon Monday.

I feel good and I am ready.

I also enjoyed celebrating Passover/ Easter with family and friends.   I hope everyone had a great holiday.