Arrived at Disney

January 5 2022…Wednesday

It’s been two years since I’ve been to Disney World and I am glad to be back. 

Time to run….  5K on Thursday, a 10K on Friday, a Half Marathon on Saturday, and a full Marathon on Sunday.  48.6 miles

My husband and I left cold winter Boston at 8: 00am and we arrived in Orlando around 11:00am.  By the time we reached our resort, it was noon. We checked in, and then we were off to the ESPN Wide World of Sports to pick up my race numbers, and running tech shirts. I got 6 awesome long sleeve tech shirts for the 5k, 10k, Half, Full, Goofy Challenge and Dopey.  We walked around the expo a bit and then it was time to head back to the hotel to unpack.

That night, my husband and I had a delicious Italian dinner at the Il Mulino located at the Walt Disney World Swan Hotel. I ordered my favorite pasta dish, spaghetti and meatballs with marinara sauce. It was so good.

Tomorrow the Challenge begins….I will keep you all posted throughout the weekend.

My favorite running coach.

Happy New Year

My husband and I are having a quiet New Year’s and I couldn’t be happier.  We chose to hang out in the comfort of our own cozy living  room. We both are blessed with good health and a great family.

 Overall, I am happy with the year 2021. 

This past year….

I have been working on cutting my sugar habit. I lost about 8 pounds and lowered my AIC.

I have been drinking more water. 

I have been keeping up with my exercise throughout the pandemic.  Both running and strength training.

 I have been a member of LifeTime Gym for 2 years and still love it. 

I have been enjoying hanging out with family and friends.

I am thankful for all the good in 2021. Cheers to 2022. I had a good year. In a few days, I will be in Disney World for the Disney Marathon Weekend. I will be starting next year running 48.6 miles. I will conquer all the miles….and whatever life throws at me in the future good or bad.

As 2021 comes to close, all that matters is love and memories, so make sure you give and make them.

 It’s Taper Time for the Disney Dopey Challenge Marathon Weekend! About three weeks, I will be on an airplane to Disney World.

 As I watched the other major marathons Chicago, Boston and New York happen, I have been getting more excited about the one I chose to do ……. now it’s almost my turn!

I am ready. My goal is to finish all four races in a full upright position and a smile on my face.

This training cycle, I felt completely balanced. (Rest, running, cross-training, recovery, sleep, free time)

Bring it on….                                         

Last week I completed another “Dopey simulation, running 4 consecutive days with mileage of 3, 6, 13, and finally 20 miles. Majority was done on a treadmill… I hate the cold.

Monday 3 (5k)

Tuesday 6 (10K)

Wednesday 13 (Half Marathon)

Thursday 20 miles

Crazy as it sounds, I listened to Christmas music during my runs. It gave me a nice running boost.  The happy upbeat music kept me motivated when I needed it.  For example, listening to Brenda Lee -Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree many times certainly got me moving at a faster pace.  This song was created for long runs! 

Anyways, I am pleased with my performance. My body responded very well to the increased demands I placed on it.

Total mileage 42.

I used the Jeff Galloway plan as a guide this training cycle.  His training plans works the best for me.


  • Good news on the medical front, due to better eating habits my HBA1C (measures sugar in the blood) is down.  I am in the process of breaking my sugar addiction.   It has been a long three months cutting way back on cookies, ice cream, cake, candy, etc…Sadly, running doesn’t make me immune from the negative health effects of eating too much refined sugar.

Back in August, I promised my doctor, I would lower my HBAIC number and I did.

I am looking forward to Christmas and New Year’s.

Even though Christmas is not a religious holiday for me, I like celebrating Christmas as a secular holiday. It is a good time to see family, watch holiday movies on television, and enjoy the beauty of Christmas light displays.

My spouse complains he is not on the blog enough…..he will be keeping me company in Disney World . Thank you. Love your wife..

Hanukkah Blog

Hanukkah, we remember the miracle of a small army of Jews beating a big army of Greeks, Also, we remember the miracle of the menorah and its light. Tonight, I also remember all the big and small miracles that happened in my life. I am grateful for my freedom and all the good things that were given to me.

I am so thankful to be blessed with a strong spouse, well-adjusted children, close relatives, loyal friends and the healthy development of my 18-month granddaughter.

I am also grateful for the small things… beautiful winters, cozy slippers, hot chocolate, dogs, and so on …

On this eighth night of Hanukkah, keep shining on……#shining #donuts #miracle #lessdimworld

This week was a low milage week.  My focus was on strength training and a relaxation Yoga Surrender Class.

Next week, Big Mileage week.

Turkey Trot

Today, my daughter Carrie and I participated in a 5k.

Over 1500 runners showed up for the Thanksgiving morning North Reading Turkey Trot.  It was chilly outside, but I was bundled up well.    I am not a fan of cold weather running.

At 7:45am runners headed to the start line. A bunch of high schoolers runners lined up in the front, followed  by  more runners and families.  

At 8:00 am…and we were off.  Carrie can beat me pretty easily, so it did not surprise me when she flew by me at the start.

 Many people were racing hard, I was “trotting” along. I enjoyed the three-mile journey around the town of North Reading. I wanted this race to be more of a fun run, rather than a competitive race.

I enjoyed having my daughter there, it made the race more fun.  It was nice bonding time.

Happy Thanksgiving

Dopey Challenge Training

47 days out …Dopey Challenge 2022

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I am training for the Dopey Challenge. It is a Run Disney event that takes place during marathon weekend at Walt Disney World in January It consists of 4 days of races, starting with a 5k on Thursday, 10k on Friday, a half marathon on Saturday and ending with a full marathon on Sunday for a total of 48.6 miles.

My weeks have been altering from higher and lower mileage.

This week prior to Thanksgiving, I completed my first Dopey Simulation, running 4 consecutive days with mileage of 3, 4, 10, and finally 20 miles.  I am happy to report, my body is adjusting well to the rigorous training.

Monday   3 miles + Barbell Class

Tuesday 4 miles

Wednesday miles 10 miles

Thursday 20 miles …body wasn’t ready to play but the mind said DO IT! Marathon training is a Mental Game!

I also been cross training. Barbell Strength+ Surrender Yoga

One more week, until Thanksgiving.  WOW.   Since, I am hosting Thanksgiving, I have begun preparing make-ahead meals and freezing them.  I love cooking.

I also been watching Football. Enjoy watching my home team PATRIOTS.

 Staying Cozy 4 dogs…during down time

I am looking forward to a less running week this Thanksgiving.

Building up the mileage… Dopey Challenge 5k, 10k ,13.1, 26.2 January 2022

58 days left until Marathon Weekend

MONDAY… Rest Day

TUESDAY… 8 miles….  This run went well.

WEDNESDAY…  20 miles. Yes!    It was a good 20 miles!  This run was done both outdoors and inside on a treadmill. I finished just over 5 hours.

The first 9 miles, I ran around my neighborhood enjoying the fall crisp air.

 For the rest of the run, I decided to run indoors on the treadmill, while binge watching the Gutfeld Comedy Show.  Laughing, during the show seemed to make my long run zoom by.

 It looks like my body is happy with the balance of running, rest and cross-training.  The Jeff Galloway Training Program is working for me.  I am not dreading the long runs, but rather enjoying alone time. The walk breaks are making these long runs very manageable.  I feel like I am not dying,  or overly huffing or puffing. My training plan can be found at search Dopey Training. 


FRIDAY… Barbell Class

SATURDAY  1 mile walk

SUNDAY 3 miles Blah…  just tired…Probably from allergies, weather, so on…



Happy Halloween

 Last week was a nice low mileage running week.   

  It’s been rainy, windy and cold here… I have been focusing more on cross training this week…especially Barbell Strength.   

Also, to change things up in my training, I also took an AMP Cycle class at my gym. ( SPIN) AMP cycle is a high-energy cycle workout that’s fueled by the beat of the latest music.

 The Cross-training has been a nice breather from running.  Next week, I have some big milage runs on the schedule.

Besides exercise….

Last week, I did something really different and special.  I volunteered as a research participant for the Framingham Heart Study.

 The Framingham Heart Study is a long-term, ongoing cardiovascular cohort study and is now on its third generation of participants.

I have been a participant, since childhood and last week I was involved in a study of how blood flow affects the brain’s cognitive and neurological function.

 The study is looking for clues about the causes of brain disorders, such as strokes, cognitive decline and dementia.  

 I was given a cognitive test, and I had an MRI done on my brain. I actually enjoyed being a participant.   I had fun taking the cognitive test as I tried to solve all the puzzles.  

The only thing I hated about the test is when the examiner asked me “Could you draw us a clock, house and person?”  I have no artistic talent and I always hated   all types of art classes since I was a child. I lack hand dexterity. I rather run a mile, than pick up a paintbrush.  Hopefully, I did not break into too much of a cold sweat when asked to draw pictures in front of the examiner. 

Overall, being part of the Framingham Heart study has been amazing. I had my heart looked at through an echocardiogram, an electrocardiogram, done a cardiac stress test and my vitals are always recorded for future knowledge.

I am very glad to be able to do this.

Women’s 10k Boston , 17 mile long run, getting stronger…..

Saturday, I ran the Women’s 10k Boston Run.  It was neat to see many women take over the streets of Boston.  Total runners 2367.

I like this race course a lot, because the majority loops around Memorial Drive with a great view of the Charles River. I love running along any body of water, but the scenery here in Boston is quite nice.  The race is an out and back race that starts and finishes at the Boston Common.  The weather was bit hot and humid for me, but overall, I had a good race. It was 68-70 degrees with sun.

    The first mile is down Beacon Street, the next few miles are along the Charles River in Cambridge, and then it’s up-Commonwealth Ave to the finish line.

Another 10k race done.  


Monday …Barbell Class +  6 miles

  Tuesday LONG RUN DAY …..17-mile run…. (SEVENTEEN)… I have been gradually increasing my milage. .  All the big muscle group of the hip flexors and thigh muscles were definitely tired by the end, still it was a good run.  I am pleased with myself.


Other than running …   I am enjoying the outdoors.  Fall in New England is always pretty. 

Looking up to see the beautiful colors on the trees.    Love the crisp cool morning air.

Fall happens once a year, so I am taking it all in.  Be present. Scenery changing around you.

Training continues …Disney Marathon Weekend

 Training these legs to run 48.6 miles in 4 consecutive days.

Sunday 3 miles

Monday 5.5 miles + Barbell Class

Tuesday Long Run… 15 miles … This run  went as perfect as I hope for.   I did this run   on a treadmill.  I was in a perfect rhythm.   Running Coach Jeff Galloway always said ……You can’t run to slow on your long runs.  He is so right!  Running slower made my run more enjoyable. 4 hours later…I was done.  I felt strong throughout the long run.

During my long run, I watched four episodes of The Greg Gutfeld Show.  I had so many good laughs, that the time I spent on the treadmill flew by!  

The next morning, I woke up feeling good.  I was not overly sore. That night I went to Surrender Yoga to stretch my muscles.

Wednesday Surrender Yoga

Saturday … Barbell Class

Sunday…Football Time !

I also added two pictures from My Home Base Run.