Patriots’ Day..Marathon Monday…no 26.2 See you in September


Today is Patriots’ Day.   The Boston Marathon was supposed to be today.  It is now September 14th.  I am a bit sad.

However, as I look at the situation in a positive way, I honestly believe I was given an excellent opportunity to work on my marathon speed.  My endurance is fine, speed not so good. Was this a blessing in disguise?  I believe so.

These past weeks, I have been going to the track to work on 800 meter repeats, 1600 meter repeats and acceleration-gliders (speed play).  They are hard, but I am enjoying my workouts.  My family has been joining me during these track sessions.   It has been a good time for family bonding.


To celebrate Patriots’ Day, I ran a few miles.   While I ran, I was able to reflect on how much the Boston Marathon means to me.

It changed my life.  I have been running the Boston Marathon for almost 20 years. Running “Boston” gave me my confidence.   Prior to my first Boston Marathon, I was very insecure and constantly struggled to keep up with others socially and academically.   I was a “C “student and had a reading/ writing learning disability.  With running, I found success. Hard work and determination has enable me to finish many marathons throughout my adult life.  I am looking forward to the 124th Boston Marathon.  ………………………………………

I am blessed to be able to run with the American Liver Foundation Marathon Team for all these years. Such a great cause. I am glad to be a runner on the team.  Go Liver!


During the Covid pandemic, my training is helping me stay center during the lockdown. Aside from exercising, most of my time is spent watching television, cooking, playing with the dogs and enjoying the backyard.

But, I miss not seeing extended family, friends, not being able to go to the gym, temple, and dinners out.

It is scary to see people wearing gloves, goggles,  full face shields, surgical masks at the supermarket, local essential stores, and takeout restaurants. This is not normal.  I am hoping that we all remain healthy and get back to the way things were.   I am thankful for all the workers putting themselves in  Covid virus danger to help us.  My heart goes out to all the ones who loss friends and family.

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Happy Easter and Passover

Many “Firsts” taking place

… new beginnings, hope, creation and unity ….

… intimate Seder at our house

… quiet Easter

…. more virtual races.

I am lucky to have running as my hobby.

It is my escape and keeps me center.

getting outside, soaking up the sun shine, boosts my immunity

This week long run …16 miles + some speed training at the track

#SafeDistance #Stayinghealthy #Stayhomesafe #smalltown  #hiddentrack  

Stay well.



The Boston Marathon is postponed, so why not set a new goal..Run faster……and overcome my fear to run fast .

During   the Covid 19 outbreak, I have been doing a lot of running to mitigate stress, and boost my immune system. I have been running at my local track.  Working out at the track is proving to be very easy to maintain social distance because of the rampant unpopularity of a running track.  Not much scenery at a track.

Anyways, with this extended Boston Marathon training period, I have decided to learn to run much faster and overcome my fear to run fast.  I know I can run much better.  I have to get acclimated to being uncomfortable.

I always hated Speed work.   I always did.

Speed work has always been hard and scary. My heart rate beats fast, my muscles are sore, and I hate the feeling of huffing and puffing.

Being age fifty, does not mean I have to be slow, I can still train my body to run faster as I age.

I reached out to Coach Jeff Galloway, and he developed a running plan to get me faster.  Time to break down my cement fear walls and run quicker.

These past two weeks, I have been practicing 800 meter repeats or mile repeats at the track. I was uncomfortable, coughed a bit, but I survived.  My plan is to continue using the track for speed practice during the extended marathon training season.


I am also strength training at home using Les Mills Body Pump video.     It is a barbell based workout that uses very light weights with very high reps.


Overall, I am doing well.  I have been relaxing at home and my mental and physical health has been good.

I am watching television, playing with the dogs, using social media to stay in touch  with others and just chilling out.

Stay healthy.



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