The Boston Marathon is postponed, so why not set a new goal..Run faster……and overcome my fear to run fast .

During   the Covid 19 outbreak, I have been doing a lot of running to mitigate stress, and boost my immune system. I have been running at my local track.  Working out at the track is proving to be very easy to maintain social distance because of the rampant unpopularity of a running track.  Not much scenery at a track.

Anyways, with this extended Boston Marathon training period, I have decided to learn to run much faster and overcome my fear to run fast.  I know I can run much better.  I have to get acclimated to being uncomfortable.

I always hated Speed work.   I always did.

Speed work has always been hard and scary. My heart rate beats fast, my muscles are sore, and I hate the feeling of huffing and puffing.

Being age fifty, does not mean I have to be slow, I can still train my body to run faster as I age.

I reached out to Coach Jeff Galloway, and he developed a running plan to get me faster.  Time to break down my cement fear walls and run quicker.

These past two weeks, I have been practicing 800 meter repeats or mile repeats at the track. I was uncomfortable, coughed a bit, but I survived.  My plan is to continue using the track for speed practice during the extended marathon training season.


I am also strength training at home using Les Mills Body Pump video.     It is a barbell based workout that uses very light weights with very high reps.


Overall, I am doing well.  I have been relaxing at home and my mental and physical health has been good.

I am watching television, playing with the dogs, using social media to stay in touch  with others and just chilling out.

Stay healthy.



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