December Week… before Christmas


Last week went well.  I did some strength training Body Pump.  I have not done strength training for a while so it was hard.  My muscles were tired!    Plus trying to keep up with my daughter   age  18   …not a good idea .


Taper time…

Disney Marathon ….January 7 2018

The bottom of my  feet were sore from running, so this week I took a break from running.

My family had a nice Hanukkah celebration.  Lots of latkes or potato pancakes consumed.   Latkes are the quintessential culinary treat of  Hanukkah.  It is a   traditional to serve latkes fried in oil to celebrate the Hanukkah  miracle, that involved the oil of the Temple menorah lasting for eight days instead of just one.

Hanukkah, Taper time for Disney Marathon

Happy Hanukkah     Chag Sameach   Jewish Festival of Rededication.



Monday 6

Tuesday 6.5 miles

I am officially done with all my hard training for the Walt Disney Marathon.  In three weeks, I will be flying to Walt Disney World for Marathon Weekend. I am so excited.

My body was so tired …. back off time …to rest


Last weekend was spent in my home enjoying some quiet relaxation time before my last final training push.  I am now tapering.  Yeah!!!


Saturday was the first snow of the season.  The snow always adds a festive atmosphere as we celebrate Chanukah; Plus, Christmas and New Year’s is on the way.

Sunday …Football time



yummy Hanukkah  desserts


December Running

December already!  The year has flown by. I had a nice weekend.  I spend my time lounging around the house and watching football.  My husband and I had no obligations or events to attend, so we both enjoyed the quiet.

I am training for the Disney Marathon in January and Boston in April.

Wow…. in 4 weeks, I will be heading to Disney World for Marathon Weekend.     I am so excited.

Most of my running has been on a treadmill. I am not a cold weather runner.

Sunday 6 miles

Monday 12 miles… It wasn’t bad but my feet were getting sore.

Tuesday   18 miles …. Last 4 were tough

I also decorated my home for the holidays.

Love this time of year !

Enjoying A Mudslide after a long Run .  So delicious!


Dogs enjoying the holidays also ……