Las Vegas!

IMG_0775I am in Las Vegas with the family enjoying a vacation.  My husband Ed, daughters Izzy and Carrie and Carrie’s fiancé John are all having an amazing time.

We are staying at the Four Seasons, the only quiet hotel without a casino on the strip.  The hotel is beautifully landscaped.   Great service and the staff is very friendly.   Our days are spent relaxing by the pool, followed by a delicious dinner.


After a mental and physical break from running, I feel totally refreshed.  I am now training for the Disney Wine and Dine Two Course Challenge. This event combines the Disney 10k (6.2) on Saturday with the Half Marathon (13.1) on Sunday, a total of 19.3.  miles.

Last week July 22-29

Sunday 2 miles

Tuesday 15 minutes running

Wednesday 20 minutes running

Friday 25 minutes running

IMG_2001My girls Izzy , Me and Carrie

Body Pumping …Summer Fun

IMG_1837 (2)

It been a while. I am enjoying my summer.  I have been taking a break from running …… to prevent burnout and to be mentally ready for fall running season.

During the off-marathon season, I have been Body Pumping.   Strength training has been  excellent , because it has been giving me overall muscle power and tone.  (No Middle Age Saggy Triceps here).  My 19 year older always kicks my butt with her physical strength.

Other than  running,  I have been enjoying many Country Concerts.   I love sitting outside  on a beautiful summer night listening to my favorite  songs.  I am a big fan of Country Music.

On Sundays, my husband and I   attend Classical  Concerts at Tanglewood, the summer home of the Boston Symphony.   Tanglewood is  located in the  Berkshires.   We  always  arrive early to picnic on the lawn, then moving inside, with aisle  seats for the concert itself.  The concerts are broadcast on speakers and jumbotrons.  Always a fun time.