Las Vegas!

IMG_0775I am in Las Vegas with the family enjoying a vacation.  My husband Ed, daughters Izzy and Carrie and Carrie’s fiancé John are all having an amazing time.

We are staying at the Four Seasons, the only quiet hotel without a casino on the strip.  The hotel is beautifully landscaped.   Great service and the staff is very friendly.   Our days are spent relaxing by the pool, followed by a delicious dinner.


After a mental and physical break from running, I feel totally refreshed.  I am now training for the Disney Wine and Dine Two Course Challenge. This event combines the Disney 10k (6.2) on Saturday with the Half Marathon (13.1) on Sunday, a total of 19.3.  miles.

Last week July 22-29

Sunday 2 miles

Tuesday 15 minutes running

Wednesday 20 minutes running

Friday 25 minutes running

IMG_2001My girls Izzy , Me and Carrie

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