Dopey Challenge I did it!

I did it!  I am officially Dopey!  I ran 48.6 miles in 4 days!   (5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon)

I started training for this event in July 2019. All those endless hours on the road, trails and my treadmill lead to my success.

It felt awesome, when I crossed the very last finish line Sunday afternoon!  I am a winner.  I did not quit or give up. I am exhausted, happy, sore, and also tearful (happy tears). I am physically and mentally wiped out.  My muscles are killing me.

The Dopey challenge taught me many valuable lessons.

I will always believe in myself and to push forward even when things are hard. Every so often, I had to push myself to run, even when I didn’t want to.

During my training. I learned my body is capable of doing so much more, than I have originally expected. The human body is amazing.

My commitments are always worth the time and effort. I am top priority.

My running confidence has improved.

I had a firm goal, that I was committed to, and all the hard work lead me to a positive successful journey.

I am still turtle slow but my strength physically and mentally has improved.

Lastly, I am more motivated and determined to make the most out of my life on earth.  I am more focused on strengthening and/or balancing all family relations, friendships, home life, my physical and mental health, my spiritual wellbeing, and supporting my spouse’s needs.

Thank you to my family and god who made this challenge possible.

Now on to the Recap…………………

Wednesday Expo and flying to Disney

At 6 am in the morning, my husband and I flew to Florida to kick off the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend “The Dopey Challenge.  My spouse was there for company.

Upon arrival, I immediately went to the World of Sport Complex to pick up my race bibs, and race shirts. After I picked up everything, I walked around the expo checking out all the merchandise.   After the expo, I headed back to the resort (Old Key West) to relax and then we headed out for dinner.


Thursday 5k

It was a fun race.  The race was completely located in Epcot, but the main focus was the World Showcase area.

There are about 11 countries that the World Showcase represents; and they all are centered around a beautiful lagoon. It was quite beautiful running past the countries.


Friday 10k

Another fun race.  The course was similar to the 5k.  Runners ran through Epcot’s scenic World Showcase, around Disney’s boardwalk, and then back to Epcot for the finish. There was also plenty of characters and Disney Music throughout the course. During the 1ok race, my strategy was to run a bit, walk a bit and just enjoy myself.  I wanted to conserve my energy for the two big races, the Half and Full Marathon.

Saturday Half Marathon.

The course started outside of Epcot, then we ran up to the Magic Kingdom, through the Magic Kingdom, back to Epcot, through Future World, and then we finished in the Epcot parking lot.

I ran this race very slowly.  I did not want to push, because I had 26.2 miles to run tomorrow. After the race, I went back to the hotel and spent the day watching television, and basically doing nothing. My legs and feet needed to be well rested.

Sunday The Marathon.

It was a hot one!!!!!!!  I had to slow down a lot for my safety. Temperatures were reaching low 80’s with high humidity.   Mile 20-26 was a very slow walk.

Anyways, the Marathon travelled through all the parks! Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.


I am Dopey!



Wish Me Luck Marathon is tomorrow…Last run the Dopey Challenge…Half Marathon was a success

Sunday is the full marathon. This is the day I have been preparing for since July 2019! Last run of the Dopey Challenge.  The journey so far has been an incredible experience. I am excited. I am nervous.  I feel good. Time for bed …I have to run 26 miles! Wish me luck.   7 months of training …… has come down to this !!!!

So far …all my races have gone very well…

…. no asthma  (I am the only runner thrilled with the warmer weather) It was about 74 degrees for the Half Marathon.

….. no sneezing, coughing, or hay fever

…. well hydrated

…. nutrition on point

….electrolytes in check

….. well rested .. sleeping fine

…..legs and feet are fine

Thursday 5k done

Friday 10k done

Saturday 1/2 Marathon done

Sunday Marathon………

Ed spouse …thanks for keeping me company in Orlando

Time to go the Distance ……

Stay tuned


5k and 10k are done …Saturday is the Half

The 5k and 10k is done.

The 5k was Thursday.

The 10k was Friday.

Saturday is the Half and Sunday is the Full.

Both races went well.   The past two days were spent mostly kicking back at the hotel.

However, I was able to see Running Legend Jeff Galloway at the expo.

I am determined to save my energy for the Half and Full Marathon. The weather is expected to be hot for both races.

Disney World is getting more crowded now, probably because of the bigger races.

I had a nice Italian dinner at Trattoria Al Forno.

I have my energy snacks for the Half Marathon and I am ready to run.

Shout out to Izzy who is watching my dogs back in Massachusetts.

Carrie …. allowing my spouse to get away as you hold down the fort at A Plus Warehouse. Good Job!!!!


Disney Running Weekend Begins


Marathon weekend begins ……Dopey Challenge.  5k, 10k, Half Marathon and Full Marathon,  Bib pick up, shirt pick up …lots of running ahead.

Today I went to the running  expo.

Thursday is the 5k.

I am thrilled the forecast will be warm. I prefer warm weather running.   Frigid, cold temperatures can be an asthma trigger and just plain miserable.

Time to enjoy the moment… I will keep you posted…