5k and 10k are done …Saturday is the Half

The 5k and 10k is done.

The 5k was Thursday.

The 10k was Friday.

Saturday is the Half and Sunday is the Full.

Both races went well.   The past two days were spent mostly kicking back at the hotel.

However, I was able to see Running Legend Jeff Galloway at the expo.

I am determined to save my energy for the Half and Full Marathon. The weather is expected to be hot for both races.

Disney World is getting more crowded now, probably because of the bigger races.

I had a nice Italian dinner at Trattoria Al Forno.

I have my energy snacks for the Half Marathon and I am ready to run.

Shout out to Izzy who is watching my dogs back in Massachusetts.

Carrie …. allowing my spouse to get away as you hold down the fort at A Plus Warehouse. Good Job!!!!


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