Three more weeks until the Boston Marathon…. Today’s Training Run was a “practice” marathon, and  I am becoming a warm weather running.

Today I ran my final long run before Boston.    26 miles!!!!!!  I am following the Galloway training program. My final long run was a slow pace 26 miles “practice” marathon.  The purpose of Galloway’s practice marathon is to avoid early bonking during the race. Also, I am able to train to 26 miles because  of  the Galloway’s program ….   running and walking tends to be a bit less harsh on my body.   He also provides plenty of easy weeks between my long efforts, so I’m not killing myself.

I am officially in taper mode.IMG_0018

Three weeks Boston…..

. My training schedule for the next few weeks

March 30 …12 miles

April 6……Star Wars Disney 10k at Disney World

April 15 26.2 Boston


 I am becoming a warm weather running. This training season many of my long runs have been done in Florida.  (60 degrees and above) Yes, it is true, I have planned my Florida winter trips to coincide with my long runs.  

I never liked running outside in New England Winter. My lungs freeze and I spent the rest of the day hacking.  I also hate wearing 100 layers of clothing and freezing my tush off!   I also hate ice and snow and cold extremities.  Yuck!

Runners are shocked when I say this….

Yes, the secret is out …I want a sixty degree Boston Marathon.


Long run 24 miles and 6 weeks until the Boston Marathon

Last week I did a 24-mile-long run….

Why did I run that far?

This season, I am following an individual E-Coaching Galloway Marathon Program. (The Run Walk Run Method)

The Individual “ECoaching” Program was designed around my running needs and abilities. Throughout the program, I have been working very hard to build my stamina in order to obtain a better stronger faster marathon.    As I extend my miles, I am hoping to increase my endurance and avoid the wall. (sudden drop in energy) To avoid injuries, all my long runs are much slower than the goal marathon pace to reduce wear and tear on your body.

Also, the early walk breaks erase my fatigue, and the later walk breaks help reduce or eliminate overuse muscle breakdown.

My entire marathon training schedule consists of my longest run reaching at least 26 miles.

cross training ….swimming


…..trying to stay healthy

123rd Boston Marathon