Three more weeks until the Boston Marathon…. Today’s Training Run was a “practice” marathon, and  I am becoming a warm weather running.

Today I ran my final long run before Boston.    26 miles!!!!!!  I am following the Galloway training program. My final long run was a slow pace 26 miles “practice” marathon.  The purpose of Galloway’s practice marathon is to avoid early bonking during the race. Also, I am able to train to 26 miles because  of  the Galloway’s program ….   running and walking tends to be a bit less harsh on my body.   He also provides plenty of easy weeks between my long efforts, so I’m not killing myself.

I am officially in taper mode.IMG_0018

Three weeks Boston…..

. My training schedule for the next few weeks

March 30 …12 miles

April 6……Star Wars Disney 10k at Disney World

April 15 26.2 Boston


 I am becoming a warm weather running. This training season many of my long runs have been done in Florida.  (60 degrees and above) Yes, it is true, I have planned my Florida winter trips to coincide with my long runs.  

I never liked running outside in New England Winter. My lungs freeze and I spent the rest of the day hacking.  I also hate wearing 100 layers of clothing and freezing my tush off!   I also hate ice and snow and cold extremities.  Yuck!

Runners are shocked when I say this….

Yes, the secret is out …I want a sixty degree Boston Marathon.


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