November 16-19th Running

This week I practiced a “Mini Dopey Challenge simulation” to mimic the real one in January. I scheduled 4 days in a row of running to model the Dopey Challenge.  I ran 37 miles, which included a 20-mile-long run. Dopey is coming up in January and that will be 48.6 miles in 4 day. I think I’m making good progress.

Saturday November 16th …3… miles

Sunday November 17th……  4 miles

Monday November 18th ……  10 miles

Tuesday November 19th ……20 miles

Other than running, my husband Ed and I had a good double date with our oldest daughter and her husband at a Mexican restaurant.

We also enjoyed watching the Patriots win again. That never gets old.

Wednesday night the Country Music Association Awards were on television. My husband and I love country music, so, it is always nice to watch our favorite singers receive a nominee for a potential award or win.


Running November 1-9 (Dopey Challenge)

Dopey Challenge  …4 days series ( 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon)

Mileage is increasing. My body is screaming at me …. more fuel…I’m tired … I’m sore …this sucks….

This being said, I really do want to succeed at this challenge!

Monday …This week my long run was 19 miles.

To tackle the long run, I mentally broke it up in chunks (4 miles 4 times) +3 miles. I listened to Disney music while running and when I got tired I kept on playing Disney’s Hercules Go the Distance.

And I won’t look back,

I can go the distance

And I’ll stay on track,

no I won’t accept defeat

It’s an uphill slope

But I won’t loose hope,

’till I go the distance

I was well rested and energized, due to the fact I did very little running Halloween week.   Too much candy, pigging out at restaurants, lack of motivation, and sleeping in. This made it very hard to get out the door and run.

But that’s ok with me. It resulted in an excellent long run. And that’s a good thing

Tuesday 8.5 miles

Thursday 3 miles

Saturday 3 miles

Total this week …33.5 miles

Besides running, I am  having fun decorating my home for Thanksgiving.  I love the beauty of Autumn in New England.

Last Sunday, I visited my youngest daughter at U Mass Amherst. She loves college life.

My oldest daughter is happily married  for 6 month and is doing well.





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