November 16-19th Running

This week I practiced a “Mini Dopey Challenge simulation” to mimic the real one in January. I scheduled 4 days in a row of running to model the Dopey Challenge.  I ran 37 miles, which included a 20-mile-long run. Dopey is coming up in January and that will be 48.6 miles in 4 day. I think I’m making good progress.

Saturday November 16th …3… miles

Sunday November 17th……  4 miles

Monday November 18th ……  10 miles

Tuesday November 19th ……20 miles

Other than running, my husband Ed and I had a good double date with our oldest daughter and her husband at a Mexican restaurant.

We also enjoyed watching the Patriots win again. That never gets old.

Wednesday night the Country Music Association Awards were on television. My husband and I love country music, so, it is always nice to watch our favorite singers receive a nominee for a potential award or win.


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