14 miles long run

14…miles done. I made it.

Prior to my long run, I was nervous because my fall allergies were bothering me greatly. Those beautiful color leaves that have fallen to the ground, decaying and the rain has caused tons of mold spores to be released into the air.  Mold is a big allergen for me.

Going into the long run, my plan was to run most of my miles outside and then the last miles inside to avoid an overload with the allergens.

After checking Accuweather thousand times for allergy reports; today at noon my long run began.   It was 60 degrees, not bad.  Plus, the wind died down. Time to get out the door!

The run went well.  I ran everywhere.  8 miles on the rail trail

3 miles along the beach

1 mile around my neighborhood

Last 2 on the treadmill

.   During my run, I focused ONLY on endurance not speed.  (Cover the Distance) Jeff Galloway taught me, I get the same benefit from a long slow run as I do from a long fast one.   No more killing myself during a long run!

I am feeling good about my training.

In two weeks, I will be in Disney World participating in the Wine and Dine Half Marathon   Challenge.  The challenge is ….

Saturday 6.2 miles

Sunday 13.1. miles



2019 American Liver Foundation Boston Marathon Team …Here I come….. Fall fun Football Pumpkins

It is official!  I am on the American Liver Boston Marathon Team 2019!   I am very excited. I am hoping to have a good marathon training season.

My training…

September 25-30th

Wednesday 3 miles

Thursday    3 miles

Saturday 3 miles


October 1-7th

Wednesday 12 miles long run … This run was a bit hard.  It was very humid 95%.

12 miles out and back Swampscott to Nahant Ocean Water Front along the water

By the beach, Motivation, pretty

Saturday 3 miles

Monday  3 miles

Also…. In one month…I will be in Disney World Running the Wine and Dine Challenge.

November 3 Disney 10k (6 miles) Saturday

November 4 Disney 13.1 Sunday

Other than running…Enjoying some football

Fall Fun

After a long run..swim time with dogsIMG_2297

I hired a running coach!

IMG_2259.jpgI hired a running coach!

I have been looking at hiring a running coach for a while.     In the past, my running has been very very very slow.  I also have seasonal allergies and allergic asthma that  has made running harder.

Anyways, my times were getting worse.  I was getting frustrated.  I was not happy with my training.    At the age of 49.  I was convinced I was too old physically to run marathons ( primarily Boston) ……  I   thought I was done……Boston Marathon ….no more.

Luckily, a light bulb turned on over my head!  Don’t quit Boston yet ….  Running the Boston Marathon is your passion…. Hire a coach!

Last year at the Princess Half Marathon, I met Jeff Galloway and was very impressed with his attitude and running experience.  Early August, I made the decision to do e-coaching with Jeff Galloway!  He would be my Boston Marathon Training Coach. I wanted a certified coach that would help me reach my full running potential.  I needed to have a successful marathon season. I also wanted a personalized coaching plan tailored to my needs and abilities. l was also a big fan of the guy!

I am eight weeks into the training plan and I love it.  My running schedule is more structured and organized.

The long run mileage has increased  to help me build up my endurance and lung power.    Galloway has me running my long runs at a much slower pace  , so my muscles can get plenty of oxygen  to improve  my overall aerobic energy system.  Simply put, run slower to get faster.

My midweek runs have more of a purpose. I am now focusing on improving my speed and strength.  I am running hill repeats and practicing acceleration gliders (speed training). I   am also working on improving my stride cadence.

I am pleased with the weekly advice I get from him, and having email access to Jeff Galloway.   I also like being held accountable for all my training runs.  Being answerable has helped me with my mental toughness. Every week, I would report to him, how my training was going and then if needed he would fine tune my workouts.

I   was given many long run nutrition tips that has been very beneficial to me. Also, if I have any aches and pains he gives me suggestions.

Getting out in the open air  despite asthma feels awesome! Running has strengthening my respiratory muscles, helped me maintain my weight and helps me control my blood numbers better. Asthma medication corticosteroids (   is associated with elevations in triglyceride and total cholesterol levels.

Overall, being pushed out the door to run will add years to my life. I am pleased with my decision to hire a coach.





G’Mar Chatima Tova !  May you be blessed with a healthy and prosperous year!  My family and I are having a great holiday!

This past year has been very good.

  I am so lucky to live my  passion for running each day and share my training stories. 

I  am blessed.

I have a lot of good family and friends in my life.

I am grateful that I was able to run the Boston  Marathon for the American Liver Foundation in 2018  .

I am glad to  have a supportive and loving family. .  I am hoping to have another terrific year with more fun memories and of course more running ! IMG_2222

Training September 9-16th

Thursday…. 4-mile loop hill training

Saturday   3-mile speed training

Sunday    3 miles

I am pleased that I was able to get my 3 training runs in during the Jewish Holidays. Even though I needed to do a lot of cooking, cleaning, and seeing family through the High Holidays, I always kept in the back of my mind that I have important races to train for!

Cooking, cleaning, seeing family…..I still have to train for my fall races.


8  miles running… long run   Shana Tova …. Happy Rosh Hashanah

IMG_2214 (1)

8 mile run….it went well …very pleased,  70 degree lovely morning  …

Now it’s time to celebrate Rosh Hashanah Jewish New Year

Monday    3 miles

Wednesday ..Hills 3 miles

Saturday …8 miles


Great start to the weekend.  Friday, my husband and I went to see  the Sugarland concert. We had a great time.

Saturday, we spent time with my family celebrating the Jewish New Year Season.

Running And Happy Labor Day

Running, this week was hard. I am avoiding the “dreadmill” as much as I can now, to allow for a   more greater variability of changes in terrain and hills.

Massachusetts was  in a heat wave.    YUCK!    At the same time, I am also trying to boost my endurance   for my fall race schedule.  

  I am training for….October Tufts 10k

 November Disney Wine and Dine challenge (6 miles on Saturday) (13.1 half-marathon on Sunday) 

40337162_2031928553524682_105418348782682112_nMonday long run ……6 miles ….Hot   Very slow cover the distance

Thursday 3 miles hills

Saturday  3 miles    acceleration gliders speed play

Labor day 3 miles


This weekend, my youngest daughter Izzy started her Sophomore Year at U Mass Amherst.


At Legal  Seafood farewell dinner.

Enjoy the holiday

Enjoyed some running and live music


Monday……..4.5-mile morning run …… beautiful day   to start the week …not to hot 73

time to build up my endurance for fall races……. Focus on cadence, stride, less energy, no huffing and  puffing , gliding

Wednesday  3 miles  …..humid!

Saturday   3 miles  hills  …….need to do it!


Friday night,  my husband and I went to Country Fest at Gillette Stadium! The line up..Brandon Lay, Brothers Osborne, Dierks Bently, and Kenny Chesney.  A great show as always.


Leaving Vegas….Back to Massachusetts

My family is on the way back home from Las Vegas to Massachusetts. We all had so much fun.

The best part of Vegas was enjoying family memories.  I loved the Grand Canyon, dinners, relaxing by the pool and seeing the shows Zumanity and Piff the Magic Dragon.

I am pleased to be able to maintain some level of fitness during vacation.  It was a bit hard because my asthma was flaring up due to extreme changes in weather.  Vacations are always tough on my asthma.

10 or 16 minutes, a mile is still a mile.


Tuesday 3 miles

Wednesday 25 minutes of running

Thursday strength training

Friday 2 miles and strength training

Saturday Grand Canyon

Sunday 2 miles and strength training


Grand Canyon

Today, we visited the Grand Canyon by Helicopter!

The view and the flight were amazing and our pilot had a great fun personality.

During our flight, we flew over Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam, and Fortification Hill (an extinct volcano) before descending 3,500 feet and landing in the middle of the Grand Canyon for a picnic breakfast.

After our picnic, we flew back out.   We headed to Guano Point, an observation spot overlooking the Grand Canyon, and we also visited the Glass Walk Bridge, a bridge that extends 70 feet out over the rim of the Canyon.

On our way back, we flew over the Las Vegas Strip.

IMG_2083 (1)IMG_2101IMG_2100IMG_2099IMG_2068IMG_2074IMG_2093IMG_2080