Miles for Migraine 5k


  Saturday, I participated in the Miles for Migraines Boston 5k.  The event was held at the Mystic River Reservation in Medford.

All funds raised benefited the Harvard/Brigham & Women’s Faulkner Hospital to support local migraine research.

 It so happens that I have migraines. They are a challenge. I am taking prescription medicines to help prevent the onset of bad headaches.  Medicine helps, but it is not perfect.  Sometimes, a headache will breakthrough even with medications. 

…..When I arrived, there were sponsors providing education booths about the newest drug developments, and the latest research on migraine prevention.  It was very informative.


Race time…The race went well, even though, it was too hot for my liking.  When I needed more energy, I just slowed down and walked a bit. The event had a festive feel to it, because everyone was dressed in purple the color of migraine awareness and were shouting words of encouragement throughout the race.  It was the push I needed.  

After I finished, I picked up my shirt and shiny medal.  I love bling!  It was an excellent, organized event and I will definitely participate next year.

 This week fitness

Monday barbell Strength

Tuesday 3 miles

Wednesday Surrender Yoga

Thursday 5.5 miles

Friday Barbell Strength

Saturday 5k

Enjoying life…

 Last year, when things were tough, I was shocked how much my life style changed.   I am so glad life is returning to normal.  Being stuck inside, not being able to freely go places, made me realize never take anything for granted.

   I am so blessed to be able to go outside and enjoy the world’s beauty with all my senses. I am glad to have my health, a great family + friends and a safe home. I am enjoying the summer and all the fun it brings us.

One of the things, I love doing in the summer is running both outdoors and indoors.

 These past weeks, I have been focusing on gradually building up my running endurance.   I have been running 3 miles three times a week.   I also been strength training twice a week and I   added a meditation style yoga (Surrender) to my training program

 Later in the summer, I am planning to run the Cape Ann Yukanrun 5k. I also plan on running some local 5ks, as soon as they are scheduled.

In the fall, my plan is to participate in the Run to Remember 5 miler, and the Boston’s 10k for Women.   

As winter approaches, my goal is to accomplish running the Disney Marathon again.

The last three pictures were taken at my nieces Abby Bat Mitzvah. It was a beautiful sunny warm day, with lots of good partying. It was a real pleasure celebrating with extended family again.

Running Blog And Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July.  Today I got up and ran a 5k on a treadmill.  It is pouring here, so I went to the gym early this morning.   It was a good start to my day.  Next week, I hope to go outside on the running trails.  The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing around the house with my husband’s college buddy.   

Early this week, I received some good news from Run Disney.   They announced that all in-person Disney races are back.  I am planning on running a few in the near future. I love Disney races.  I love them, a lot. The races are filled with so much fanfare and excitement. Running through all the theme parks is just so magical.

  Registration for the races will be will opening in a few short weeks!   

This week of fitness…

Monday Barbell class

Wednesday Surrender yoga

Friday barbell class + 3-mile run

Saturday Zumba

Sunday 3 miles  

Other news,

 There are three baby birds nesting in a tree within eye shot from our family.

In the past two weeks, I have been given a front-row seat to the exciting cycle of birds. They are Robins. Today, I saw the baby birds (fledging) climbing on the edge of the nest and hopping to nearby branches. They are about to venture out.

The one thing I noticed was both the mother and father are caring for the babies.  They are constantly bringing back worms to the nest. 

However, I am very surprised that the adult birds never squeaked or squawked at me, when I got close to the nest. I was never dived bombed either.

Happy 4th of July