11 miles

Today I ran 11 miles.   I am preparing my body to run the Vermont Maple Leaf Half Marathon (13.1). My daughter Carrie and I are doing this race together. 

The run was stinking humid….I could not escape it! I ran 7 outside and then 4 indoors on the treadmill.  High Humidity outside……High Humidity in my home gym. 

Overall, I did have a good run, and I kept my pace around 15-16  minute miles like Coach Galloway say I should do.

I am nervous about the race, which is probably a good thing because the body is mentally preparing itself to go 13.1 miles.  Plus, its Vermont …..Hills!

Also, summer is the hardest season to train in because of the heat. Long runs in the summer are not fun.  My running pace is always worse in the summer.

 In reality, the half marathon I am doing with my oldest daughter is geared to the needs of older/ slower runners like myself- with longer cutoff finish times. I have 3.5 hours to finish the race, which works well for me.

I also had a fun weekend. I spent the time sitting by our pool, soaking up the sun and just enjoying the day. I love the long summer days when the sun doesn’t set until late in the evening. 

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