RUN TO HOME BASE (Fenway Park)

Today, I ran a race to benefit the Run to Home Base organization.  This organization raises funds for veterans and their families who were impacted by the invisible wounds of war.    The event was held at Fenway Park. 

 When I signed up for this event, back in February, I was given a choice to run a 5k or a 9k.  I chose the 5k because itโ€™s a shorter distance. Also, summer running is more taxing on my body due to the heat. 

I left my hometown Swampscott around 5:30 am and headed out to the blue line subway to make my journey to Kenmore Square Boston.   It was a nice, uneventful ride. I arrived at the park around 6:30am.

Runners were told to enter the stadium through gate C Lansdowne Street.

 The event began at 7am with opening ceremonies. Several different speakers spoke about what the home base program does and what it means to them. It was a very nice ceremony. I learned a lot.

 One hour later, it was time to run. 

Both the 5k and 9k races started on Jersey Street, which is just outside Fenway Park.   All, runners, jogged around Boston, and then we  all headed inside the ballpark to cross home plate which is the end of the race. 

After the race, I headed back to the Subway station to make my way back to Swampscott Massachusetts.ย ย It was an excellent morning, and I was proud to be part of this event. Thank You, to the Home Base Program for helping the military families.

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