It’s Taper Time for the Disney Dopey Challenge Marathon Weekend! About three weeks, I will be on an airplane to Disney World.

 As I watched the other major marathons Chicago, Boston and New York happen, I have been getting more excited about the one I chose to do ……. now it’s almost my turn!

I am ready. My goal is to finish all four races in a full upright position and a smile on my face.

This training cycle, I felt completely balanced. (Rest, running, cross-training, recovery, sleep, free time)

Bring it on….                                         

Last week I completed another “Dopey simulation, running 4 consecutive days with mileage of 3, 6, 13, and finally 20 miles. Majority was done on a treadmill… I hate the cold.

Monday 3 (5k)

Tuesday 6 (10K)

Wednesday 13 (Half Marathon)

Thursday 20 miles

Crazy as it sounds, I listened to Christmas music during my runs. It gave me a nice running boost.  The happy upbeat music kept me motivated when I needed it.  For example, listening to Brenda Lee -Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree many times certainly got me moving at a faster pace.  This song was created for long runs! 

Anyways, I am pleased with my performance. My body responded very well to the increased demands I placed on it.

Total mileage 42.

I used the Jeff Galloway plan as a guide this training cycle.  His training plans works the best for me.


  • Good news on the medical front, due to better eating habits my HBA1C (measures sugar in the blood) is down.  I am in the process of breaking my sugar addiction.   It has been a long three months cutting way back on cookies, ice cream, cake, candy, etc…Sadly, running doesn’t make me immune from the negative health effects of eating too much refined sugar.

Back in August, I promised my doctor, I would lower my HBAIC number and I did.

I am looking forward to Christmas and New Year’s.

Even though Christmas is not a religious holiday for me, I like celebrating Christmas as a secular holiday. It is a good time to see family, watch holiday movies on television, and enjoy the beauty of Christmas light displays.

My spouse complains he is not on the blog enough…..he will be keeping me company in Disney World . Thank you. Love your wife..

Hanukkah Blog

Hanukkah, we remember the miracle of a small army of Jews beating a big army of Greeks, Also, we remember the miracle of the menorah and its light. Tonight, I also remember all the big and small miracles that happened in my life. I am grateful for my freedom and all the good things that were given to me.

I am so thankful to be blessed with a strong spouse, well-adjusted children, close relatives, loyal friends and the healthy development of my 18-month granddaughter.

I am also grateful for the small things… beautiful winters, cozy slippers, hot chocolate, dogs, and so on …

On this eighth night of Hanukkah, keep shining on……#shining #donuts #miracle #lessdimworld

This week was a low milage week.  My focus was on strength training and a relaxation Yoga Surrender Class.

Next week, Big Mileage week.