Hanukkah Blog

Hanukkah, we remember the miracle of a small army of Jews beating a big army of Greeks, Also, we remember the miracle of the menorah and its light. Tonight, I also remember all the big and small miracles that happened in my life. I am grateful for my freedom and all the good things that were given to me.

I am so thankful to be blessed with a strong spouse, well-adjusted children, close relatives, loyal friends and the healthy development of my 18-month granddaughter.

I am also grateful for the small things… beautiful winters, cozy slippers, hot chocolate, dogs, and so on …

On this eighth night of Hanukkah, keep shining on……#shining #donuts #miracle #lessdimworld

This week was a low milage week.  My focus was on strength training and a relaxation Yoga Surrender Class.

Next week, Big Mileage week.

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