Enjoyed some running and live music


Monday……..4.5-mile morning run …… beautiful day   to start the week …not to hot 73

time to build up my endurance for fall races……. Focus on cadence, stride, less energy, no huffing and  puffing , gliding

Wednesday  3 miles  …..humid!

Saturday   3 miles  hills  …….need to do it!


Friday night,  my husband and I went to Country Fest at Gillette Stadium! The line up..Brandon Lay, Brothers Osborne, Dierks Bently, and Kenny Chesney.  A great show as always.


Leaving Vegas….Back to Massachusetts

My family is on the way back home from Las Vegas to Massachusetts. We all had so much fun.

The best part of Vegas was enjoying family memories.  I loved the Grand Canyon, dinners, relaxing by the pool and seeing the shows Zumanity and Piff the Magic Dragon.

I am pleased to be able to maintain some level of fitness during vacation.  It was a bit hard because my asthma was flaring up due to extreme changes in weather.  Vacations are always tough on my asthma.

10 or 16 minutes, a mile is still a mile.


Tuesday 3 miles

Wednesday 25 minutes of running

Thursday strength training

Friday 2 miles and strength training

Saturday Grand Canyon

Sunday 2 miles and strength training


Grand Canyon

Today, we visited the Grand Canyon by Helicopter!

The view and the flight were amazing and our pilot had a great fun personality.

During our flight, we flew over Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam, and Fortification Hill (an extinct volcano) before descending 3,500 feet and landing in the middle of the Grand Canyon for a picnic breakfast.

After our picnic, we flew back out.   We headed to Guano Point, an observation spot overlooking the Grand Canyon, and we also visited the Glass Walk Bridge, a bridge that extends 70 feet out over the rim of the Canyon.

On our way back, we flew over the Las Vegas Strip.

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Working out In Las Vegas, and other fun stuff

Working out In Las Vegas

The gym is awesome at our hotel. There is plenty of exercise equipment.  I would exercise in the morning, then the whole family would have a delicious breakfast, and head to the pool to relax.

Tuesday afternoon, I treated myself to a 50-minute foot and leg massage treatment. My feet needed it.


My husband and I don’t gamble that much. Maybe a couple hundred bucks at most.  My favorite game is the roulette wheel. I like the simplicity of the game; just place your chip(s) on  number(s), red or black ,  odd or even and hope you win. Not much thinking involved.


Wednesday Night, we saw Piff the Magic Dragon.

It is a  unique comedy magic show staring Piff The Magic Dragon and his loyal pup, Mr. Piffles.

It was a completely funny show! We laughed so much during his show, and his magic was terrific.

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