Working out In Las Vegas, and other fun stuff

Working out In Las Vegas

The gym is awesome at our hotel. There is plenty of exercise equipment.  I would exercise in the morning, then the whole family would have a delicious breakfast, and head to the pool to relax.

Tuesday afternoon, I treated myself to a 50-minute foot and leg massage treatment. My feet needed it.


My husband and I don’t gamble that much. Maybe a couple hundred bucks at most.  My favorite game is the roulette wheel. I like the simplicity of the game; just place your chip(s) on  number(s), red or black ,  odd or even and hope you win. Not much thinking involved.


Wednesday Night, we saw Piff the Magic Dragon.

It is a  unique comedy magic show staring Piff The Magic Dragon and his loyal pup, Mr. Piffles.

It was a completely funny show! We laughed so much during his show, and his magic was terrific.

IMG_2048IMG_2052IMG_2051IMG_2049 (1)IMG_0831IMG_0841IMG_0838

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