Women’s 10k Boston , 17 mile long run, getting stronger…..

Saturday, I ran the Women’s 10k Boston Run.  It was neat to see many women take over the streets of Boston.  Total runners 2367.

I like this race course a lot, because the majority loops around Memorial Drive with a great view of the Charles River. I love running along any body of water, but the scenery here in Boston is quite nice.  The race is an out and back race that starts and finishes at the Boston Common.  The weather was bit hot and humid for me, but overall, I had a good race. It was 68-70 degrees with sun.

    The first mile is down Beacon Street, the next few miles are along the Charles River in Cambridge, and then it’s up-Commonwealth Ave to the finish line.

Another 10k race done.  


Monday …Barbell Class +  6 miles

  Tuesday LONG RUN DAY …..17-mile run…. (SEVENTEEN)… I have been gradually increasing my milage. .  All the big muscle group of the hip flexors and thigh muscles were definitely tired by the end, still it was a good run.  I am pleased with myself.


Other than running …   I am enjoying the outdoors.  Fall in New England is always pretty. 

Looking up to see the beautiful colors on the trees.    Love the crisp cool morning air.

Fall happens once a year, so I am taking it all in.  Be present. Scenery changing around you.

Training continues …Disney Marathon Weekend

 Training these legs to run 48.6 miles in 4 consecutive days.

Sunday 3 miles

Monday 5.5 miles + Barbell Class

Tuesday Long Run… 15 miles … This run  went as perfect as I hope for.   I did this run   on a treadmill.  I was in a perfect rhythm.   Running Coach Jeff Galloway always said ……You can’t run to slow on your long runs.  He is so right!  Running slower made my run more enjoyable. 4 hours later…I was done.  I felt strong throughout the long run.

During my long run, I watched four episodes of The Greg Gutfeld Show.  I had so many good laughs, that the time I spent on the treadmill flew by!  

The next morning, I woke up feeling good.  I was not overly sore. That night I went to Surrender Yoga to stretch my muscles.

Wednesday Surrender Yoga

Saturday … Barbell Class

Sunday…Football Time !

I also added two pictures from My Home Base Run.


Smutty Nose Rockfest Running Event

 Today my 26-year-old daughter Carrie and I participated in the Smutty Nose Rockfest Half Marathon or 5k run.  The race was held at Hampton Beach NH. We ran the 5k. Although my daughter ran much faster than me, we had a great day.

 Our race began at 8:40 am. The whistle blew and we were off. The first 100 yards into the race, I was left in the dust by her. She was out of my sight the whole entire race. Daughter out-performs Mother! Big time. She beat me by at least 10 minutes.

Now, time to back up to prerace morning……..

Prerace Morning:

My day started at 4:00 am in the morning, I had a quick breakfast, and then I was out the door to pick up my daughter who lives in Beverly.   I arrived at her house at 5:00 am and then we were on our way to Hampton Beach. The race directors wanted the runners to arrive early, to avoid any parking headaches, plus the roads will be closing around 6:30am.  The race director estimated over 3000+ runners would be there.  My plan was to get there by 6:00 am or a bit earlier so I can easily park.

We arrived in Hampton around 5:50 am, parked and quickly got our numbers and fleece race jackets. We walked around a little bit, sat in the car and had our breakfast Dunkin Donut muffins, watch the half marathon runners take off and then it was our turn to run the 5k.  Race temperature was 60 degrees and cloudy.

The first mile was up 1A Ocean Blvd with the beach on the right.  The second mile was inland. The last mile, we were back on 1A Ocean Blvd heading back to the finish line. The roads were flat and my energy was good throughout the race. 

After the race, Carrie and I went to the food tent to get some minestrone soup.  Carrie also had a lobster roll.

Then it was time to head home.

Great Day