Training continues …Disney Marathon Weekend

 Training these legs to run 48.6 miles in 4 consecutive days.

Sunday 3 miles

Monday 5.5 miles + Barbell Class

Tuesday Long Run… 15 miles … This run  went as perfect as I hope for.   I did this run   on a treadmill.  I was in a perfect rhythm.   Running Coach Jeff Galloway always said ……You can’t run to slow on your long runs.  He is so right!  Running slower made my run more enjoyable. 4 hours later…I was done.  I felt strong throughout the long run.

During my long run, I watched four episodes of The Greg Gutfeld Show.  I had so many good laughs, that the time I spent on the treadmill flew by!  

The next morning, I woke up feeling good.  I was not overly sore. That night I went to Surrender Yoga to stretch my muscles.

Wednesday Surrender Yoga

Saturday … Barbell Class

Sunday…Football Time !

I also added two pictures from My Home Base Run.


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