Training for the Vermont Maple Leaf Half Marathon

This morning I ran 12 miles, and it went well. The Maple Leaf Half Marathon is 4 weeks away.

 I stayed on top of my fueling and I believe that made my long run very successful. I had my usual yogurt for breakfast, then it was time to run.  My goal for this long run was to push my speed to see where my ability is at.  

 During the long run, I also made sure I had a variety of snacks.   I like to have many running snack options. Not the healthiest, but I wanted my muscles to move and not quit on me.

However, I only ate the twizzlers and just a handful of M and M “s.  It worked well!   I was able to push my speed a bit! I ate a twizzler at every mile from mile 1-11. Twizzler were easy to digest and chew while running.

I am hoping to finish the Half Marathon around the time of 3:15 hours. 

Now time to cool off in the pool.