Today, I participated in a 5k run for Migraines. The event was held at the Mystic River Reservation in Medford.  I am probably nuts exercising in the heat, but it was well worth it! 

All funds raised benefited the Harvard Brigham Faulkner Hospital to support local migraines research. In total the migraine community raised 10, 000 dollars as of today.

It so happens that I have migraines. They can be challenging. I am taking prescription medicines to prevent the onset of bad headaches. Medicine helps, but it’s not perfect. Breakthrough headaches can still happen. 
The event had a festive feel to it, because everyone was dressed in shades of purple the color of migraine awareness and were cheering words of encouragement throughout the 5k.

Even though it was extremely hot on the course, and I walked a lot, I love participating in this event, that is near and dear to my head and heart. 

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