Training for a September Half Marathon …Maple Leaf Vermont Half ….

Monday…Barbell Strength Class… Love this class…. My instructor is very good. She is always making sure I have good form during class.

Tuesday …I ran 10 miles. I did this run on a treadmill, because the weather outside was just too hot and humid for me. I started the long run slow and easy; my goal was to cover the distance. Naturally, I held back with the speed since it was a long run.  In the past I usually slowed down after mile 8 …. but not today!  All 10 miles were at a consistent pace. I finished 10 miles feeling good and strong. Just a bit tired.

Friday ..Barbell Strength Class + (3 miles treadmill) .

Sunday 3 miles

 I also had a nice weekend. It was my spouse’s 58th birthday.

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