18 mile run… Week 8 Boston Marathon Training

IMG_1520 (1)18 miles on a treadmill … Boston Marathon Week 8

Running 18 miles outside, this week was not going to happen!  Since I am asthmatic, winter running always sucks the life out of me.   Cold, windy, snowy, rainy weather is not my ideal running conditions.  Four hours  running in the cold …no.

So, early Monday morning, my treadmill run begun. I chose to do this run as a run/walk to help my body go the distance without feeling dead at the end of the run.

I broke my run down into 4…(4 1/2 mile segments). After each segment, I had a snack to keep up my sugar levels. Having a variety of treats like runner wafers, pretzels, orange slices, chocolate candies, Swedish fish, Skittles and my all-time favorite snack mint and peanut butter girl scout cookies made my run so much more enjoyable.  I love those girl scout cookies!    Grape Gatorade and water provided my hydration needs.

…. Having a Smorgasbord kept my energy up and I was able to power through all 18 miles.

Also, my pre-long run nutrition has been working well.  For the past month, my favorite go to pre-race meal has been Bickford’s Pancake House.  It works! I always order the Dutch pancake or chocolate chip pancakes.  Bagels with peanut butter, and fruit are also a favorite snack.

I also watched the movie Grease to help pass the time on the treadmill.

18 miles done………successful

My splits were consistent.

This week…One long run 18

2 short runs ….30 minutes each


Last weekend  Massachusetts had an insane wind and rainstorm. I live in Swampscott a coastal town and the streets  by the ocean  had  major flooding due to astronomical high tides  and  storm winds.  We husband and I were very lucky that we never loss our power. Approximately, 80 percent of our town loss power.   Our weekend was spent hanging around the house watching television and  resting.

Beautiful High Tide








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