20 mile long run …Boston Marathon Training Week 10


The Stupid Ground Hog has brought more snow to Massachusetts. It has been cold. It’s all Phils’ Fault.  Three Nor’easters in the past 2 weeks!  Spring starts tomorrow!


My  training runs have been going well.  Running on my treadmill has helped me complete my work out; if I was running outside, I may not be able to complete it.

Today’s …. LONG RUN ….20 miles …nailed it.

My pace was consistent each mile.

I got up at 6:00am Monday to get my 20 miles in on my treadmill.  The workout went well. I watched a few movies, listened to music, had some snacks, and kept pushing through each mile.

Running on the treadmill

I was not bored.

I felt more comfortable physically…. I wasn’t cold …….

I was not coughing, sneezing, wheezing and my nose was not running.

I never had a migraine or barometric pressure headache…… (My spouse always teases me and asks me…. what the hell is a barometric   pressure headache.

20 miles ……This run helped my self- confidence.

This came in the mail today.  One month to go !





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