Enjoying life…

 Last year, when things were tough, I was shocked how much my life style changed.   I am so glad life is returning to normal.  Being stuck inside, not being able to freely go places, made me realize never take anything for granted.

   I am so blessed to be able to go outside and enjoy the worldโ€™s beauty with all my senses. I am glad to have my health, a great family + friends and a safe home. I am enjoying the summer and all the fun it brings us.

One of the things, I love doing in the summer is running both outdoors and indoors.

 These past weeks, I have been focusing on gradually building up my running endurance.   I have been running 3 miles three times a week.   I also been strength training twice a week and I   added a meditation style yoga (Surrender) to my training program

 Later in the summer, I am planning to run the Cape Ann Yukanrun 5k. I also plan on running some local 5ks, as soon as they are scheduled.

In the fall, my plan is to participate in the Run to Remember 5 miler, and the Bostonโ€™s 10k for Women.   

As winter approaches, my goal is to accomplish running the Disney Marathon again.

The last three pictures were taken at my nieces Abby Bat Mitzvah. It was a beautiful sunny warm day, with lots of good partying. It was a real pleasure celebrating with extended family again.

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