Wish Me Luck Marathon is tomorrow…Last run the Dopey Challenge…Half Marathon was a success

Sunday is the full marathon. This is the day I have been preparing for since July 2019! Last run of the Dopey Challenge.  The journey so far has been an incredible experience. I am excited. I am nervous.  I feel good. Time for bed …I have to run 26 miles! Wish me luck.   7 months of training …… has come down to this !!!!

So far …all my races have gone very well…

…. no asthma  (I am the only runner thrilled with the warmer weather) It was about 74 degrees for the Half Marathon.

….. no sneezing, coughing, or hay fever

…. well hydrated

…. nutrition on point

….electrolytes in check

….. well rested .. sleeping fine

…..legs and feet are fine

Thursday 5k done

Friday 10k done

Saturday 1/2 Marathon done

Sunday Marathon………

Ed spouse …thanks for keeping me company in Orlando

Time to go the Distance ……

Stay tuned


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