Boston Marathon Training March 2-8

Monday rest

Tuesday rest

Wednesday rest

Thursday……..18 mile run…. this run went well…..   I was in the groove! I am pleased with my effort.  I decided to force myself to rest prior to the run. I wanted to clear up all the allergy mucus and congestion in my airways before the 18 miles. Nailed it ..18 miles! Hooray!

Friday … lap swim 45 minutes

Saturday …Barbell Class … followed by a 20-minute lap swim, ….. afternoon 2 miles very easy run

Sunday 3 mile run

Total running miles 23 ……..Strong 50-year-old women working on strength, endurance …Boston I will be ready for you.

I am running the Boston Marathon with the Liver Foundation Marathon Team . If you would like to support this great cause click here


scroll to donate to   runner …Robin Stairman


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