9 Mile Run

My 9-mile run… Long Run

 I will rate this run Grade B+  or A-

The worst part of the whole run was definitely the summer heat. My 9-mile run was a very slow jog with some walk breaks to avoid getting drained by the summer heat.

Overall, I enjoyed my long run.   I ran on the scenic rail-trails.   For most of the run, I was thinking I love running.  Running is therapeutic. Running relieves my stress. Running feels good.

During my run, I just held a water bottle in my hand and took plenty sips of water throughout the run.  I wasn’t running that fast, so holding a bottle did not bother me.   

I would say this run was a success. Hours later, I did not feel drained by the heat or queasy.  Good long run

In the evening, my spouse and I went on a slow walk to the ocean.   It was nice to loosen up the body.

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