My 7-mile training run…..

My 7-mile training run…

Today, I ran 7 miles. As, I mentioned in a previous blog post I am training for the Dopey Challenge.  3.1 miles + 6.2 miles + 13, .1 miles + 26.2 miles = 48.6 miles of pure Dopey-ness. 

 I was a bit nervous about this run because I have not run that far in a while.  Plus, last week, my running stunk due to headaches.    According to my training schedule, I was due to run 7 miles today. So, I had to suck it up.

 Anyways, I’ve done lots of 5k runs since June that went well, but this training run, I needed to improve my endurance and run further.

 I headed out around noon to Marblehead Rail Trails, turned on some music tunes and just ran. I actually enjoyed myself.   And I accomplished, what I wanted to do.  I had a good 7-mile run.  

That evening, after my long run, I went out to dinner with my spouse. Very nice treat.

Pictures from Marblehead .

I am now on my way to a January 2022 Marathon finish line. 

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