The Dopey Challenge

I have officially become insane, nuts with my running. I will be participating in the Dopey 2020 Challenge!
The challenge consists of a 5k + 10k + half marathon + full marathon = 48.6 miles in 4 days (and six medals!)


I chose this challenge for various reasons.

I want to do something really hard.

I am ready for a bigger challenge.

I will be kicking of the year 2020 with a big accomplishment.

Bragging rights

Many friends from the running community has completed the challenge and I always admired their hard work.

I love Disney races.

And finally, I’m not fast ….   I struggle with faster running …. I have asthma and exercise induced asthma and I receive 4 shots a month for allergies ……so my focus is developing more aerobic endurance . Dopey is an endurance challenge.

I am starting week 8 of training.  I am following the Galloway training program.  His programs have worked very well for me in past races.

Pictures of last week running..


IMG_0527 (1)IMG_0525IMG_0524IMG_0522 (1)IMG_0521 (1)


The last two pictures are at Tanglewood … home of the Boston Symphony.  Sunday my relaxation day .


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