I am blessed to be able to run Marathons.( Spiritual View) Also Happy Passover and Easter

I am blessed to be able to run marathons.   Running distances is a divine gift from God.  I believe God knew I needed running to be a huge part of my personal growth.   My life has changed so much, for the better since I ran my first marathon when I was 29 years old.

Prior to running, I felt very insecure and not well established in life.     I was never “book smart” and was intimidated by people more intelligent than me.  I always struggled with academics.  I was never good at learning and understanding things or getting good grades.  I was never career-driven, all I wanted back then was to get married and become a mom.  Who was I? 

Then ………..I fell in love with the sport of running and met many inspiring and likeminded running friends who are just like me!  They inspired me to be the best person, I could be.

Throughout multiple marathon training seasons, I   learned that I was able to bring my own unique talents to the world and to my relationships.   Running has given me the gift of friendships, confidence, happiness, love for myself and pure joy.

Today, I am very pleased with my life journey.  Running has helped me find my inner strength and grow in all areas of life.

I am also glad to be a runner on the American Liver Foundation Team that supports research for the treatment, and cure of liver disease.

I have a daughter getting married in May.

I am married for almost 25 years.

I have another daughter in college…

AND I am  still  a ……Stay home mom ( love the job)   and an awesome  wife

That is success …

Thank You God, I am Blessed.