Tomorrow is the Boston Marathon!

Tomorrow I will be at the start of the Boston Marathon.  I am ready!

Lesson learned…… NEVER NEVER NEVER…. listen to the weather forecast……one week before the marathon!!!!!!!  Big Mistake!  The “weather meteorologist people” had me going crazy and panicking for several days ……worrying about running in a very cold, rainy, stormy Northeaster and developing hypothermia.  Tomorrow will be rather mild in the 60’s; my ideal running weather.


I am running Boston as a challenge to myself..

I am running on behalf of the American Liver Foundation.

I will believe in a higher power.

I will lean on my faith, trust in God, trust in my training, and I will do my best.

I feel more prepared than past races and I enjoyed using the personalized Galloway training plan.

During my training season…… Galloway’s plan called for a 20 miler, 23 miler and a 26 miler and I completed all of them.

So tomorrow…I will give it my all.




Love these sneakers..

Boston Marathon 2019  Dunkin Donuts limited  edition .  I will wear them after the marathon .


Getting my last prayers in before BOSTON…

Please weather gods, I want  favorable conditions. the whole race.  🙂   In all seriousness …I  am blessed to be able run on Marathon Monday!