Summer running motivation ……no more excuses

I just ran 4 miles and it was hard.   This is the longest distance, I ran since the Boston Marathon.

Time to get my crap together and start running, if I am planning on running a Fall Half Marathon.

Every year between May and August, I struggled to stay motivated to exercise. I always had so many excuses not to move ……spring allergies, summer country concerts, classical music concerts, pool time, barbecues, visiting Disney World with the family and the list goes on and on and on ….

to add to my list …I just celebrated my daughter’s wedding.  It was a great time.

In the past, after a Boston Marathon training cycle, I would spend the summer months not running much.  I would occasionally do Body Pump with my daughter and some 5K’s but what I really needed was to run with regularity.  I always seem to slip into a running slump and lose my running distance fitness level, so by the time fall arrived, I was back to running from scratch.

Now,  I am working on becoming a better runner and consistency is very important.  To run better, I must make running a priority.  Having a coach last marathon season taught me, there are no short cuts to run faster or building endurance.  Consistency is the key.  No Long breaks. Recovery is important but not for months and months

So, a few days ago, I  signed up for a late summer Hilly Half Marathon. I am training for the Maple Leaf Half Marathon located in Vermont.    Training for this race will forced me to be consistent. Running coach will be happy.

.  Hopefully in the future I can run a half in less than 2:45. We will see.







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