Boston Run to Remember

On Sunday I ran the Boston’s Run to Remember 5-mile Race. It is a tribute to fallen law enforcement officers and first responders which is held every Memorial Day weekend. 
This race was absolutely amazing and the day provoked many emotions. Today thousands of runners all came together to honor the men and women in uniform. I felt an overwhelming sense of love and belonging to the running community. Everyone who ran today, were my pals.
For most of the race I was running with a cop in uniform from Revere who was holding a remembrance flag throughout. As we ran along the streets of Boston, runners were cheering for all the individuals who protect us every day.  It was a great day.
The most important thing I learned today was how beautiful my running community is. Everyone came together to honor those in uniform. Amongst everyone, there was a sense of belonging, a feeling that doesn’t happen everywhere, but with my running group it always happens. Whether it is at a running expo, Facebook running group, or races, love is always seen.
Keep running
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