Fight For Air Climb ( Lung Association)

Road races are a ton of fun but today I changed it up! 

I participated in the “Fight for Air Climb” affiliated with the American Lung Association. This is an event like none other, where its participants “race” up a stairwell as they raise funding (and awareness) to benefit those afflicted with lung disease.  The event was held at One Boston Place located in the financial district of Boston. 

This charity is dear to me because I have allergic asthma and allergies.  I am very thankful I have good medical doctors that keep my asthma and allergies well-managed. I also have been very blessed to have a healthy family. 

So today, 

I climbed for Lung cancer.

I climbed for COPD. 

I climbed for Pulmonary Fibrosis.

I climbed for Emphysema. 

I climb….

My strategy was to take my time, climbing up the stairs. My legs were sore, but it was well worth the muscle fatigue. 

It was a good day. Back home to rest my legs. Workout done.

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