Happy Mother’s Day to every great woman

Happy Mother’s Day…. My reflection on the day.  

On Mother’s Day forget the pricey lunches, brunches, and flowers; today is my time. I am a simple Gal. I rather celebrate this day doing what I love, running. 

Running has always been my time. It’s something I do alone, and I mostly prefer it that way. 

I woke up before sunrise to join nearly 1000 runners at the Mother’s Day Western Massachusetts Run to benefit the Cancer Connection.  Runners were given the choice to run 13 miles or 9 miles. I ran 9 miles.

Today was not about running fast but rather enjoying a beautiful setting outdoors and being happy. I didn’t try to race the clock; I just had a nice easy-paced long run.

The weather was perfect. It was in the 50s. 

I enjoyed running through the beautiful neighborhoods of Deerfield Massachusetts. The country is quite pretty in the spring. 

Am I crazy for running 9 miles today? I do not think so. 

The best gift for my family on Mother’s Day is to take care of me, so I can care for others. Running gives, me peace of mind; it helps me stay healthy and fit; and it makes me feel full of life. My family deserves that. 

So, today. I run to take care of myself. 

Mother’s Day shouldn’t be just once a year.

 We should all love and respect the moms in our lives every day.  Happy Mother’s Day. We are nurturers at heart and in our home!