Running blog Mother’s Day 9 miler.  Not the typical Mother’s Day…

Today, I spent Mother’s Day running a 9-miler with other runners on behalf of the Cancer Connection.  The event was held in Deerfield Massachusetts. Cancer Connection offers a haven where people living with cancer, their families, and their caregivers can learn how to cope with their changed lives and bodies and emotional turmoil by sharing strategies, resources, hope, and strength.

 Not the typical “Mother’s Day” celebration. Today was “Me Time”. My personal self-care day.  Just me and other runners on the road; all running for a good cause.  Why “Me Time” on Mother’s Day? Is that odd, you ask?

I am not the biggest fan of Mother’s Day because of the clichés and expectations.

 Growing up, I am taught that “the giving of love and kindness,” is an essential social value in our everyday lives.   In Jewish law, it is a Mitzvah that an individual acts with kindness without anticipating receiving something in return. Gratitude for a parent, spouse, others etc. should be shown frequently during the year.  Sometimes, a simple thank you is the best words one can hear. 

So,  on this Sunday, affection  and gratitude is better than any Mother’s Day gift. I don’t need that one obligation scheduled day of the year to know how much my family loves me.  We can see each other any given day. No overpriced Hallmark cards, flowers, brunches, gifts will replace the love I receive every day of my life.   

I may sound like a Mother’s Day Grinch, but in my opinion every day is Mother’s Day. In closing, the best gift to myself, on this day is to run.  My passion. My selfcare day. Let’s celebrate Moms every day.  

****Today many dollars were raised for Cancer Connection 

Something I realized as I was about to post this, was the fact each member of our family did their own Mother’s Day workout independent from each other.  
My oldest daughter ran a race in Plymouth Massachusetts. 

My youngest daughter did yoga today.

And spouse did Cardio Boxing. 

That’s how we all spend Mother’s Day I guess, haha…We are odd bunch. I would not change it for anything.

  Late afternoon I had Chinese Food with my spouse, youngest daughter, granddaughter and  I also played fetch with my pack of 4 dogs all Labrador Retrievers.

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